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Get WalkIN'

The warmer weather will be here before we know it. Did you make it a goal to be more active this year? If you did, great… keep it up! If you didn’t, Purdue Extension has a great opportunity for you to start moving your body more. Get WalkIN’ is a free e-mail-based walking program that is being offered through Purdue Extension in Northeast Indiana.

 Walking is accessible to almost anyone, doesn’t require specific skills or abilities to perform, can be performed alone or with others, and is adaptable (i.e., can be performed at any chosen intensity, and is inexpensive). Walking can serve many purposes. It can be a way to exercise, have fun, or get to school, work, or other nearby destinations. Importantly, making walking easier can help communities by improving safety, social cohesion, and local economies and reducing air pollution.

 Do you know that you need to get more active but lack the initiative to get started?  Do you make excuses like “I do not have time, I don’t want to walk alone, or where would I walk?” Have you started to walk and lost interest or motivation? Get WalkIN’ is just for you! You will receive e-mails that provide encouragement, motivation, provide information about health and wellness, and more! Participants will be asked to complete two short online surveys.

Register for the Get WalkIN' program by March 29th. Program starts April 1st. To register, click HERE.

For more details, contact Brittney Schori at Before you know it, you will be walking, feeling better, having more energy, and a new healthy habit!


 Click HERE for a PDF flyer.

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