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2020 Wells County Posts

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Purdue Extension.

New 4-H Family Guide

New to 4-H? This booklet can help you find the answers to all your 4-H questions!

Purdue Extension.


The 4-H wood sciences program provides youth with educational information about wood and how it can be used to construct items. The wood science...

Purdue Extension.

Soybean (Crops: Soybean)

The Soybean project introduces you to one of Indiana's major crops, the soybean through fun experiences and hands-on projects. You will lean...

Purdue Extension.

Small Engines

Members will learn about engine maintenance, engine tools, engine systems, different types of engines, parts of a small engine and much more.

Purdue Extension.


The gardening project introduces youth to vegetable gardening. You will learn about planning a vegetable garden, planting, fertilizing, different...

Purdue Extension.

Cake Decorating

"How to" information for making and using icing as decoration for cakes, cookies, etc. A project that can be done individually or in a...

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