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June 2023 Vigo County 4-H Newsletter

To download your copy, click HERE!

Are you ready for a 4-H Adventure!  Now that school it’s out, it’s a great time to work on your 4-H projects for fair! Don’t forget is REQUIRED for ALL Exhibit Hall & Livestock projects by June 20. Step-by-step instructions are included to the end of this newsletter. This is a separate requirement than the May 15th 4-H Online information you entered! Both the Educators will be out of the office for community center summer camps, Camp Shakamak, and Mini Camp. Contacting them through email is preferred but, may be a bit delayed so always feel free to call the office at 812-462-3371.

-Sara Haag & Emily Brown


Welcome Summer Staff!

The Extension Office would like to welcome Cara and Paige as 4-H Summer interns. They will be doing 4-H programs at Camp Navigate, Boys & Girls Club, Camp Rave, and 14th and Chestnut in addition to helping at the fair. Kristen has also returned as a summer assistant to assist with fair preparations.


Pre-Fair Checklist!

☑ Double-check the guidelines and requirements for completing your projects in the 2023 Fair Book. Hard copies are available for $10 at

the Extension Office or to download on our website at,

☑ Enter your Exhibit Hall and Livestock by June 20! You will need your 4HOnline email and password to enter projects at

☑ Complete necessary cards: Crafts Info, Sewing Skills, Woodworking Skills, Cake Decorating Skills, Food Recipe Card. They can be picked up at the Extension Office or found on the website under each project.

☑ Complete the white Record of 4-H Achievement Sheet (4-H 620) by project pick-up on July 16. This can be printed off of our website. It is your record of projects completed and ribbons received.

☑ Ensure you have attended an in-person Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care Class on done Youth for the Quality Care of Animals training online by July 7th. This is for any 4-Her exhibiting beef, dairy, goats, poultry, rabbits, sheep, and swine at the Vigo County Fair and/ or the Indiana State Fair. The last in-person training in June 20th at 5pm in the Community Center at the Fairgrounds.


Fair Fun!

Check your Fair Book for a basic show schedule, a more detailed schedule will be available in July!


In the Exhibit Hall

Poster and Project Supplies

The Extension Office has poster boards and poster sleeves available. Office hours are 8 am - 4 pm Monday thru Friday. We have a VERY limited supply of circuit board kits and shake light kits. For kits you may order here: or buy from a third party.

Plastic Foam Boards- $3.50

Poster Sleeves- $1.00


Poster Requirements

- Posters MUST be displayed horizontally, size 22” x 28”, mounted on a firm backing, and covered in clear plastic or other transparent material.

- Reusable core boards are for sale at the Extension Office for $3.50 & plastic sleeves are $1.

- All posters are required to have a Poster Tag on lower right hand corner of the poster, inside the sleeve. Poster tags are available in the Extension Office or online.

- Fair Entry tags will be added at project judging, on the outside of the sleeve.

- All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list on the back of poster or notebook.


Project Check-In/Judging/Pick-Up Information 

New Schedule for 2023! Community Judging (face to face with judge) will take place for specific projects on June 29 from 5:30-8:00pm and July 6 from 5:30-7:30pm. Entry tags will be printed from Fair Entry and be available to pick-up at community judging. Projects judged on June 29th include all non-perishable projects (no Mini 4-H. Projects judged on July 6th include all Mini 4-H, Cake Decorating, Foods,

Crops, Garden, and Floriculture.

Pick up all projects Sunday, July 16th. Any premiums not picked up by 3 PM on July 16th can be picked up at the Extension Office the following week between the hours of 8:00 AM-4:30 PM. Any premium not picked up by Friday, July 21, will be considered forfeited.

If 4-H Member/Parent cannot pick up the premiums, the individual picking up the premiums must sign for the premiums. The Extension Office or Fair Board will not be held responsible once the funds have been signed for. Projects not picked up by July 21 will be thrown out.


Exhibit Hall Monitors Needed!

4-H Families please consider signing up for a two hour shift to watch over Exhibit Hall . It is a great time to spend looking at other 4-H projects and getting inspiration for next year. Sign up here


In the Livestock Barns

Check-in Traffic– No 4-H traffic will be allowed through the front gate off US 41 on Saturday from 6-10 p.m. or Sunday 7-10 a.m (check your species fair book page for more specific times). ALL traffic must use the back gate accessible from Johnson Dr. A map will be provided closer to fair Tack drop off is available on Saturday from 8 a.m.-Noon but please continue to use the back gate. Keep in mind the Horse & Pony Show is going on during this time and fairgoers will be on the midway. Anyone driving in an unsafe matter will be asked to leave the fairgrounds!


Grooming Assistance Program

The 4-H animal exhibitor may receive CLIPPING AND GROOMING ASSISTANCE from their immediate family which is defined as a father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, legal guardian, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, grandfather, step grandfather, grandmother, step grandmother, aunt or uncle, or from another current Indiana 4-H exhibitor.  They also can receive assistance from individuals enrolled in the Indiana 4-H Approved Animal Grooming Assistance Program. 


To enroll in the program, simply complete the 5 Animal Ethics and Adult Expectations online modules attached in this Qualtrics survey, complete your application via this Qualtrics Survey, and also submit a copy of your Indiana driver’s license via this Qualtrics. Located here: All of these steps are done via Qualtrics Survey, so no paper applications are available. Applicants must also complete the online Animal Ethics and Adult Expectations modules located here in the electronic application annually. All of the information is located in this Qualtrics Survey and once you submit this survey you will have completed all steps to officially enroll in the program for this year. Once enrolled in the program, you will be able to assist any 4-H member from any county on any animal species. To be enrolled in the program for the Vigo County, the application and modules must be completed by July 1.


Livestock Auction

The Livestock Auction Committee is planning for another successful 4-H Livestock Auction on July 14th. Auction buyers have a letter with details of the event mailed out in mid-June. We encourage you to meet network with buyers before fair by hand delivering the information or including a writing a personal invitation. If you would like a new buyer added to our mailing list or a digital copy of the letter being distributed please email  

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