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4-H Record of Achievement

The 4-H Record of Achievement is one of the most important forms you will ever complete while in 4-H. The Achievement Record is the official end of the 4-H year and indicates your completion of the year. The 4-H Council Awards Committee uses these forms to choose winners of county and state trips and awards. If you do not record all your information, the committee has no way of knowing what you have done.

You can download a blank Achievement Record at the bottom of this page. Both sides must be printed and completed. If possible, please pring your Achievement Records two-sided on white cardstock.

Also available below is a copy of the workshop presentation "College and Career Success Through 4-H." You can see examples of Achievement Records and record keeping that will help you throughout your life. You can also download a short, illustrated example of how to properly fill out your Record.

Additionally, you can join 4-H leaders, Dan Miller and Mary Biever, as they share tips and tricks on successfully completing your Achievement Record here:  

Achievement Record

Achievement Records Workshop

Editable Achievement Records

Illustrated Achievement Record Example

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