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4-H "SPARK" Club

Do you have a special talent or hobby that involves out-of-the-box thinking? Examples include, but are not limited to; web design, sign language, wearable art, or creative cooking. We are looking for people to **SPARK** the interest of young people in our community and help them to get involved in 4-H. If you have something that you enjoy doing that would fall under the categories of Citizenship, Health, or Science; we would love to hear from you! Programs should be a minimum of 6 hours. Please contact the Extension Office at 812-435-5287 if you or someone you know may be interested in leading a **SPARK** Club in Vanderburgh County! We look forward to hearing from you.

4-H SPARK Clubs - Help Us Meet Our Goals

• Designed to crate learning experiences and new opportunities with positive adult role models.

• Offers youth in grades 3-12 "a taste" of 4-H to SPARK new interest. Not offered to grades K-2.

• Intended to capture attention of youth with single focus "out of the box" interests. » Such as but not limited to:  Cycling, running, martial arts, bowling, golf, Web design, app development, social media, cookies and canvas, wearable art, paper craft, creative writing, sign language, creative cooking, robotics, nature detectives, model airplanes/rockets.

• Members focus on same subject of interest.

• Minimum of 6 hours - allows flexibility for volunteers and youth (at least 1 hour/session)/Examples:  6 week program, twice weekly for 3 weeks, Saturday workshops-1/2 or full day.

• Includes a culminating activity to showcase to families what youth have accomplished.

• Does not require state recognized 4-H projects though will be reported against mission area themes.

PLEASE share this information with your friends as we are hoping to get the community involved and reach out to people who may not know much about 4-H and the great things we do!


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