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The 2022 Rush County Fair Handbook is Live!

The 2022 Rush County Fair Handbook is now live and can be viewed through the link below! Each Rush County 4-H family will also receive a physical copy of the handbook once they have completed printing. There are have been many project updates in Indiana 4-H this year so make sure you thoroughly read through the handbook, especially sections regarding any projects you are enrolled in. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible so you are aware of any project guideline changes. A few items to note as you navigate the fair handbook:
-Needlecraft, Modelcraft, and Construction and Architectural Replica (includes Legos!) are now there own projects.
-Cat, Dog, Poultry, Rabbit, and Llama Poster are now all divisions of the Animal Education Project.
-Foods, Sewing, and Tractor have been divided into multiple projects; i.e. Foods, Baked and Foods, Preserved, etc.
-There are many other changes to project guidelines within specific projects.
-Make sure to check out the Bicentennial Award Categories being offered for both 4-H and Open projects!

We are looking forward to a GREAT summer in Rush County 4-H. Please contact us at 765-932-5974 or with any questions regarding the handbook.


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