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Master Gardeners Offer Free Seeds

It’s spring, and a gardener’s fancy turns to thoughts of plants and soil and sunshine and fertilizer and SEEDS! 

Seeds are the biggest (actually, they’re very tiny!) and most important part of gardening, and the Master Gardeners of Putnam County are sharing their finest seeds with all of us.

The seeds are free!  And they are available in seed boxes that are located strategically throughout Putnam County.  Gardeners looking for free seeds can visit the seed boxes at these sites:

  • Greencastle, Putnam County Fairgrounds, in front of Harris Hall
  • Greencastle, at the Forest Hill Cemetery
  • Fillmore, at the Walking Trail Gazebo
  • Belle Union, at the Jefferson Township Fire Department
  • Reelsville, at the Community Center
  • Bainbridge, at the Christian Church
  • Morton, at the Morton Store
  • Cloverdale, at the Christian Church

The seeds were harvested last fall by the Master Gardeners from their own gardens. The seeds come from the Master Gardeners’ most successful and most productive varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.  Over the winter, the seeds were carefully collected, cleaned, sorted, and stored.  Some seeds are surprisingly large, like the smooth, fat pole bean seeds.  Other seeds are tiny –some are smaller than grains of salt, and others are almost as fine as talcum powder.

Each seed packet comes with planting and growing instructions.  The information comes from the Purdue Extension Office, and has been formulated for best results in our own local growing area here in Putnam County.

The Putnam County Master Gardener Association encourages everyone -–from beginners to experts—to enjoy gardening.  Everyone is invited to visit the seed boxes, take some free seeds, and get gardening! 

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