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4-H Club Info for Leaders

Club Leaders: find the 4-H Club Financial Checklist and 4-H Club Financial Report here, also a guide for the Secretary's Book Award, and the Club Achievement Checklist. Please call the office at 812-838-1331 if you have any questions.

Featured Stories

My Donkey’s Tail is Messed Up!

This plant’s common name is Donkey’s Tail (or Burro’s Tail); species name is Sedum morganianum. Upon inspection, I discovered these annoying white fuzzy clusters have invaded. These are Mealybugs.

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2022 Indiana Small Farms Conference moved to Virtual

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PEMC and Machyne Host Family Night Event

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4-H Newsletter January/February 2022

4-H Newsletter for January/February 2022

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HHS Newsletter-The Busy Bee Bugle

HHS Newsletter January 2022

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Purdue Extension.
2022 4-H Handbook Johnson County

2022 4-H Handbook Johnson County Indiana

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