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National Cleaning Week

Happy National Cleaning Week! This week is the perfect time to dedicate your space to the TLC it needs. It's just after the start of spring, which is a great time to start cleaning out things that may have been neglected in the winter. Here are some things to consider cleaning out/decluttering:
  • Home
    • Closets
    • Pantry
    • Refrigerator – wipe down everything in your refrigerator and freezer! This can get very dirty from the food you put in it.
    • Cars
    • Garage
    • Other storage spaces, including off-site storage facilities
  • Office space
    • Old files
    • Extra pens and other writing utensils
    • Dust
    • Wipe down desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, and office phone
  •  Finances
    • Check credit card bills for recovering expenses
    • Check for $1 charges – these could be a fraud attempt charge
    • Do you have any recurring ghost charges on your credit card?
    • Check your automatic payments: are they consistent? Have they gone up?
  • Technology
    • Clear browser history
    • Organize files
    • Name folders
    • Delete unused files
    • Clear recycle bin
    • Consider moving stored info to a portable storage device
    • Delete duplicate pictures, move them to portable storage
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