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False Shamrock or Oxalis

Every St. Patrick’s Day, many stores sell a plant called the "false shamrock". As the name suggests, this plant (Oxalis) is not a shamrock, but an easily grown houseplant that does resemble the traditional shamrock. The leaves can be either green or reddish in color. Furthermore, the oxalis readily blooms with five petaled blooms of white or a light pink which are held on short stems above the leaves.

Growing Requirements:

  • Sandy, well-draining soil
  • Bright indoor light
  • Normal indoor temperatures
  • Liquid fertilizing during the active growing period

If the indoor/outdoor temperatures are too hot (above 82⁰) or the soil becomes too dry, the plant may go dormant. Do not be concerned. This is normal behavior for the plant in its native environment. It requires this rest or dormancy period. So let the plant rest for a couple months. Stop watering the oxalis and remove the dead leaves. When new growth is noticed or after a couple of months resume watering to begin a new growing and blooming cycle.

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