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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Hello Financially Savvy Shoppers,

Let’s get ready to gather all the best deals while staying within our holiday budget! Black Friday is right around the corner and there’s lots of information out there to help us make the most of it.

You would think that this year would be a great shopping season, but with all of the early sales it is hard to know if you are getting a great deal. I worry, “what if it is cheaper later?” Good news, the Black Friday ads have already been leaked or provided to all the Black Friday websites. It will be worth your time and energy. Two popular sites are and Look them over as soon as possible so that you will know if the early deal you are considering is better than a Black Friday deal.

Keep in mind that some stores will price match with other stores, with an online price from their website, or will refund the difference if the price is reduced later. If you see a great price, purchase the item, (ask if the store price matches) and if the price is reduced you can return to the store to adjust the price.

When comparing prices, it is a good idea to make sure you are comparing the same product model number at different stores. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to produce a different yet similar product for a special sale for different stores.

You can also use barcode reader apps like ShopSavvy to compare prices and discounts. Some sites will let you sign up for deal alerts, so be on the lookout for those opportunities.

Black Friday shopping online? Load your online cart with the items you want before the sale begins, so that you can check out quickly and easily when the sale prices drop on Black Friday. Be sure that you check for coupon codes for items you are buying. Just Google the item, add “coupon code” to your search, and hopefully you be able to claim another little discount.

Consumer Reports notes that the best deals should be available between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Black Friday will offer the lowest prices on TVs and toys will be their best price on Saturday. Apparel and sporting goods will be their best price on Sunday.  Plus, laptops are expected to be a bargain on Cyber Monday.


Best of luck on your hunt for great budget-friendly gifts!


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