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Money-Wise Gift Ideas

Howdy Holiday Colleagues,

My apologies for any issues with getting that calendar from Monday’s email to you – I have it attached here so that you can use it!

I hope you are still feeling festive after doing a deep dive into what you can afford to spend this holiday season. In case you are feeling a little bummed out, I thought a list of money-wise gifts might get you energized to be creative with your gift giving this year.

Money-Wise Gift Ideas:

  • Gifts for under $10
    • Someone’s favorite candy
    • Puzzle basket: jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle book, sudoku, Rubik’s cube, pencils and eraser
    • A 50-cent card from the dollar store (or make your own card) and a $1.25 spa face mask
    • Doll accessories, plastic animals, or craft supplies
    • Handwritten cards with special memories or hopes for the new year are inexpensive, but can mean a lot to others
    • A picture in a frame (of a fun memory/trip, or of your kids). We take a lot of pictures on our phones, but having one framed to look at in the house or on your office desk is a nice and inexpensive gift
    • Craft stores sell nice picture frame ornaments for a tree ($5-$10). Put in a picture of a special memory from the year for someone’s tree. I have done this with a wedding picture, graduation picture, new home or new baby picture and everyone loves them
    • Family heirloom along with the story of why it is special is a one-of-a-kind gift that could be treasured for years
  • Gifts for under $25
    • Grandparent survival kit: a children’s book, bubbles, balloons, a card game, a children’s cookbook, play dough or recipe for homemade play dough, and a puppet
    • Family game night: game, snacks, small prizes
    • Cooking with children: children’s cookbook, an apron and/or child size cooking tools
    • Assorted colored pens or markers
    • Wine sulfite filter or wine aerator
    • Movie/movie ticket and snack
    • Universal socket tool
  • Gifts for under $50
    • Favorite sports team: T-shirt with team logo, socks with team logo, or party supplies with team colors.
    • A small gift bag with an assortment of gift cards for a day of shopping. These can include gift cards to favorite stores/restaurants, and don’t have to be high amounts.
    • Gas card: would be great for working high school and college students who drive a lot!
    • Themed dinner basket: all of the ingredients, and cookware to make the meal.
    • When Halloween is over, scoop up the clearance costumes to create a dress up box for the kids. Clothes, capes, hats, and masks can keep them entertained for hours!
    • LED garage light with 3 (or more) adjustable panels.
    • Technology charging station.

Many of these items can be stocking stuffers, for colleagues at work, etc. Put together your own affordable gifts according to what people like – it’s a great way to show you appreciate them! I hope these affordable gift ideas are inspiring you to get creative to your own ability so that you can save this holiday season. This Friday, we will dive into tracking our spending so that we know exactly how and what we spend on our affordable gifts!


Your Holiday Helper,


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