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Thank You Pike County 4-H Livestock Auction Buyers

The 101st Annual Pike County Fair has come and gone and we are feeling grateful and nostalgic for an incredible week. Projects filled the 4-H Exhibit Building and the horse shows all the way through the sheep show were all a sight to see. Your Pike County 4-H Livestock exhibitors worked diligently to keep their animals looking their best and especially helping them stay cool throughout the hot days and the torrential downpours. The 4-H Livestock Auction is the culmination of all the commitment and hard work these youth put into their animals not only during Fair Week, but throughout the entire year. These young kids continually invest their time and energy into their animals and the 4-H Livestock Auction is a phenomenal way for us invest in our local youth and their continued leadership abilities.

Youth learn invaluable skills and life lessons through the raising of their livestock. Between proper animal care and responsibility and managing their own financial resources to making proper business decisions, these 4-H youth are the individuals who will continue learning to make those types of business decisions throughout their lifetime. They will become business owners and board members and managers in their adult lives, partly because of the skills they have developed by actively participating in 4-H and other organizations. By supporting our local 4-H livestock auction, you are investing in the future leaders of our community.

We had an incredible turnout at our Pike County 4-H Fair Livestock Auction this last week and while every youth has taken time to write a thank you card to their specific buyers for their generosity, I just wanted to take this moment to thank each and every person who support our   4-H youth and the work they do. The progress they make from year to year is truly outstanding and I cannot wait to see the young adults they develop themselves to be in the future. Your support both at the 4-H Livestock Auction and throughout the year does not go unnoticed and we are thankful for you.

Thank you for continuing to support our youth and the Pike County 4-H program!

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