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2022 4-H Summer Camp

Register for 2022 4-H Summer Camp by MAY 15!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for 2022 4-H Summer Camp!
This year's camp held on June 14 & 15, 2022 in a day camp style at the Historic Santa Claus Campground in Santa Claus, Indiana. We camp with Daviess, Dubois, Martin, & Perry counties, so you are sure to make a ton of new friends and enjoy countless activities & have some good ol' fashioned summer fun!

The cost for Pike County 4-Her's is $20/day/youth or $40 for both days/youth. 

Registration MUST be completed by May 15! (This is also an important date to complete all project entries, Livestock ID, & YQCA Training) 

Directions to register are below. 

For more information, a pdf copy of the brochure can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact Alex at or call the Extension Office at (812) 354-6838. 

Directions to Register for 2022 4-H Summer Camp


  1. Login to your account and go to the “Events” tab in 4-H Online (
  2. Select the Event titled, “Daviess, Dubois, Perry, Pike 4-H Camper Registration" and click Next
  3. Select the category “Pike County Youth” and click Next
  4. Choose one or both days of camp (June 14 & 15) (*It says 2021, but it is a typo: Camp is June 14 & 15, 2022)
  5. Answer the questions on the following two pages
  6. Pay the appropriate camp fee for the one or two days you selected via credit card or check to our office (Pike CES) and….
  7. WAH-LAH! You are officially registered for camp!

As stated previously, if you have ANY questions or concerns about 4-H Camp, the registration process, etc., please don't hesitate to contact Alex at or call the Extension Office at (812) 354-6838. 

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