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Agriculture and Natural Resources March Newsletter

Agriculture and Natural Resources Newsletter

Educator's Corner

   As we look forward to spring, new challenges appear. Soon we will see new growth appear –Daffodils have already appeared in the area, and the maple trees are approaching bloom. Watch out for invasive species like callery (Bradford) pear. These trees may look pretty, but they pack a terrible odor, produce many fruits spread by birds, and the trees that have escaped cultivation have wicked thorns. Early spring is a good time to identify these trees and mark them for removal. They will be among the first trees to bloom and hillsides throughout the county will be white with their blooms.  

  As the soil temperature warms, consider planting spring vegetables like leafy greens and other cold-tolerant crops.

   Once the soils dry out sufficiently, field preparation will begin. Watch out for farm equipment on roadways and don’t get in too much of a hurry!

Ensure livestock have adequate energy supplementation as high protein spring grasses emerge. The grass may look lush, but it can’t support livestock on its own.  

   Have a wonderful spring!



Perry/Spencer Crop Day Offered in Hybrid Format

The annual Perry-Spencer Crop Day program will be held Thursday, March 17 at 6:00 PM CDT.  Like last year’s program, participants will have the option to take part virtually or on-site at either the Perry County 4-H Fairgrounds in Tell City or the Spencer County Youth & Community Center in Chrisney.  Crop Day is a joint effort between Purdue Extension and Soil & Water Conservation Districts in Perry and Spencer Counties. 

The featured speakers this year include Dan Quinn, Purdue Extension Corn Specialist speaking on “Lessons Learned from the 2021 Growing Season” and Shaun Casteel, Purdue Extension Soybean Specialist, speaking on “2022 Soybean Management Tips”. 

In addition, a presentation on regulations and best practices using mini-bulks will be included.  Private and commercial (categories 1, 14 and RT) applicator program credit will be available for both virtual and in-person participants.  No meal will be included in this year’s program. 

There is no registration fee to participate, however a $10 fee will apply to those needing applicator credit (both PARP and CCH).  Pre-registration is required.  To register, please call (812) 547-7084 or register online at  Pre-registration is due by March 14.    


Rainy Day Learning Opportunities

In case you get stuck at home due to weather,  here are some great resources from Purdue University Extension to keep you occupied!

Equine Webinar Wednesdays

March 9: Dr. Amanda Farr

Health and Vaccinations

April 20: Dr. Robin Ridgeway

                        Trailer Safety

Register for free at:

Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture

Archived webinars and podcasts available 

Purdue Women in Ag Events and Webinars

Midwestern Regional Climate Center

Tools for understanding how weather and climate affects crops and yield potential.

Purdue Pest and Crop News 


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