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March-April 4-H Newsletter

The 4-H Scoop

The Official Perry County 4-H Newsletter

Keeping up with 4-H News and Events

Opportunities and announcements occur frequently in 4-H, and we do our best to keep you informed so that you don’t miss out on anything. This newsletter is sent to all 4-H families and volunteers every other month. Many things happen in between newsletter publications. All announcements are sent to you by email.

Check your email often as both the local Extension office and Indiana 4-H sends information to you this way. Most of these messages are sent from 4hOnline rather than an individual email account. If you haven’t received these messages, check your spam filter and set it to accept emails from 4hOnline. If you change your email, please notify the Extension office so that we can update our distribution lists.


Many events are also posted on the Perry County Indiana 4-H Facebook page. Please like our page and share these posts to help us spread the word. Commenting on the posts also helps us get more views.


Most importantly, tell other people about 4-H and Extension events. Your recommendations mean more than any posted or printed materials. Youth who only want to participate in Spark Clubs, Day Camps, Outdoor Adventures, etc. but not a 4-H club, are welcome to enroll. Like 4-H’ers in clubs, they only pay the 4-H program fee once per year (October 1-Sept. 30), and then they pay any activity fee for the event.

April is Volunteer Month

Volunteers are the heart of the 4-H program. Without their generous giving of time and talents to our youth, we wouldn't’t have a 4-H program. All of our volunteers are valued and appreciated: from those who have served for decades to those who are just beginning their volunteer service, we appreciate all that you do!


4-H’ers and parents are encouraged to let our volunteers know how much we appreciate all that they do to make 4-H possible!

Volunteers Needed

New 4-H volunteers are needed to offer programs requested by youth. In the last few years, several volunteers have moved out of the area or retired from volunteering after many years of service. New volunteers are needed to keep current programs going and to add new programs.

While people with all skills and interests are welcome, we especially need volunteers willing to be trained as Shooting Sports instructors and coordinators, someone to teach dog obedience, ATV Safety leaders, Tractor project leaders, a male chaperone for 4-H Roundup, and 4-H Council members. If you are interested in any of these or other roles, please contact Cathy Boerste for more information.

Shooting Sports Update

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer hands-on Shooting Sports this year due to a volunteer shortage. The program requires trained 4-H Shooting Sports instructors and at least one certified Shooting Sports Coordinator in the county. The program coordinator has moved out of the area, and until someone volunteers to fill this position, in person classes cannot be conducted. Training of instructors is provided in the spring and fall. If you are interested in helping to rebuild this program so that it can be offered in the fall, contact Cathy Boerste to learn more.

Youth enrolled in Shooting Sports can exhibit a project at the fair. Those needing guidance should contact the Extension office.

2022 Handbook and Project Manuals

4-H has been restructured to make it easier to understand and uniform across the state. Every project has been revised, so it’s important that you read the new guidelines. In short, more exhibit options have been added to allow for creativity and flexibility, and nearly all projects are now eligible to be exhibited at the state fair!

You will receive a summary of the project guidelines for the projects that you sign up for with your project manuals. The Perry County 4-H Handbook will list general information that is important for all members to know. These will be distributed by club leaders. Additional resources and information about all projects are available here:

Most projects that were previously county-only exhibits are now included in one of the state projects. Many are now craft exhibit options. The exception to this is the Freestyle project. This non-competitive project is for exhibits that do not fit into any of the state projects. A reference sheet was emailed to you to help you find the new category for projects that were previously county-only or you may contact the Extension office for guidance or another copy of the reference sheet.

There is now a provision for flexibility for the grade level that youth with special circumstances may use. If you need an exception to exhibiting a project on your grade level, contact Cathy Boerste to discuss the options.

Adding and Dropping Projects

To add or drop a 4-H project, contact the Extension office. We will then get the project manuals and guidelines to you. If you make the changes in 4hOnline, we don’t receive notification of the changes, so please let us know what changes you want so that we can provide resources to you. 

Animals must be entered and enrolled in Fair Entry by May 15. Some livestock need to be tagged at the fairgrounds on April 9. Contact Sara Dzimianski for information regarding livestock requirements. 

Projects exhibited in the 4-H building need to be added and entered into Fair Entry by June 6.

Spring Break Fun on March 15 and 17!

Looking for something fun to do during Spring Break? Youth in grades 3-12 are encouraged to attend the Spring Break Events on March 15 and 17 at the fairgrounds. To keep the cost lower, participants need to bring a sack lunch and drinks. Contact the Extension office by March 10 to sign up. Space is limited!

Art and Relaxation Day for youth in grades 3-12 is on March 15 from 8:30-4 p.m. The cost is $10 for 4-H members and $30 for non-members.

Lots of hands-on STEM activities are planned, and livestock members can complete their YQCA training on March 17. This event is open to all youth, including those not enrolled in 4-H. The cost is $5 for 4-H members, and $25 for those not yet in 4-H.

Bench Project: Cap Sorting on April 2, 9-11:30 a.m.

We asked for caps, and the response has been overwhelming!! Thank you to everyone who has saved and collected caps! We now have more than enough to compete the project. Your help is now needed with cleaning and sorting the caps. 

Join us on April 2 from 9-11:30 a.m. at the Extension Office garage when we will clean and sort caps. Adults and youth in grades 7-12 are needed to help with the project. Younger youth must be accompanied by an adult who will help them with this project.

We hope to have the caps sorted so that the bench can be ordered in April so that it will be here and at the fairgrounds in time for this year’s fair to serve as a lasting memory of Carson Lasher.


Club Officer Training, April 2

All youth in grades 3-12 are encouraged to attend the Club Officer Training to learn about leadership opportunities and what club officers do. Anyone who is currently a club officer or anyone interested in being a club officer should attend. Prior experience or 4-H membership is optional. 

The training will be April 2 from 1-3 p.m. Please make your reservation by March 29 by calling 812-547-7084 or email with your name and grade. 

Performing Arts Contest

If you would like demonstrate your talents in music, dance, skits, dramatic reading, etc., you are encouraged to participate in the 4-H Performing Arts Contest. Each county can send one act in each of the following categories to the Area III Contest: musical, non-musical, and group acts. The contest will be held in late April or early May. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Extension office by March 11. If we have enough interest, a county contest will be conducted to determine who can advance to the area conte 

Camp Counselors Needed

High school students are needed to serve as camp counselors. Without enough camp counselors, we cannot conduct 4-H camp. This is a fun and rewarding experience where teen leaders learn leadership skills while providing a memorable experience for campers. Anyone in grades 9-12 can apply. Counselor training will be held on April 8-9 at camp. To apply, log into your 4hOnline account and look for the application under Events. Sign up by March 4. If you have questions, contact Cathy Boerste.

Paid Summer Intern Needed

The Extension office is seeking a summer intern. Your help in sharing this information is appreciated. This position is full time from mid-May until early August and pays $10.40 per hour. Preference will be given to a high school graduate who is not currently enrolled in 4-H as the job will require full time work during the fair. This is a great opportunity for a college student to gain professional experience in youth development, agriculture and natural resource, and health and human sciences.

For more information and to apply go to Applications will be accepted until April 1 or whenever a suitable candidate has been hired.

Mulch Fundraiser
Shares Profit with Clubs

Is your club looking for a way to earn money without selling anything? Clubs that help with the Mulch Fundraiser will earn money while working together and helping people in the community.

The 4-H Council will share 75% of the profits with clubs and other 4-H groups that participate. The more people from a club that help, the greater their share of the profits. Adults and 4-H members in grades 7-12 can participate individually. Youth in grades 3-6 can help if their parent works with them on the project. 4-H alumni, friends, and other family members are encouraged to help with the project. Volunteers will need to sign in when they begin working, sign out when finished, and indicate which club they are working for. Profits will be divided by the number of volunteers and hours worked for each club.

The project is Saturday, April 23, beginning at 8 a.m. at the fairgrounds and continues until the project is completed or until dark. If needed, the project will continue on Saturday, April 30 at 8 a.m. We will work regardless of the weather as long as it is safe to be outside.

Volunteers are needed to deliver and spread the mulch. We also need pickup trucks, wheel barrows, shovels, rakes, etc. If you can help for any part of the day, contact the Extension office and indicate what supplies you are bringing.

With lots of volunteers, this will be a fun event that helps the community, and clubs will earn money.

Project Check-in is June 29

The Perry County 4-H Fair will be held July 8-11, 2022. To avoid conflicting with the 4th of July holiday, building projects will be checked in on Wednesday, June 29. Livestock will be checked in on July 7. Please note this change from last year's schedule.

Experiential Learning in 4-H

The 4-H model of “learn by doing” uses the experiential learning model. This model is found at the front of most 4-H project books. Youth learn best when they DO rather than being told. Activities in the project manuals are designed for this model of Experience, Share, Process, Generalize, Apply (and repeat). In this model, youth first try the activity (Experience) before being told or shown how (other than safety precautions). Next, they describe the experience and their reaction to it (Share). The questions listed at the end of each activity help youth Process by discussing what was most important in what they did. They can then Generalize by relating the life skill practiced to their own experiences. Next, they Apply what they learned for the next time they do this activity or use this skill.

In this model, it is expected that youth will repeat the steps of Experience, Share, Process, Generalize, and Apply as they learn from each experience and improve upon it. By following this model, they will gain many life skills that they will remember, and enjoy the process. This is the best method for youth to learn, but it is not the fastest way to get a finished project for the fair. Often, we focus on the end product (the fair project) rather than the process of learning. It takes more time and sometimes more patience for the adult mentor to use this model, but the end result is more rewarding for the youth.


The key to success in this model is to start early. Those who wait until a day or two before fair projects are entered at the fair often feel pressured to skip these steps and only focus on the end product. This year, try to use this model and see if the youth respond better to it. Start working on projects now so that youth can Learn by Doing and enjoy the process.

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 Project Supplies

The Extension Office offers the following project supplies for sale for your convenience. We recommend that you purchase poster supplies here to ensure that you are using the correct size. It is difficult to find poster backing in the correct size at local stores.

Poster Set: white poster board, cardboard backing, plastic sleeve               $2

Plastic Sleeve:  poster or salon print                                                              $1

Cardboard Backing:                                                                                        $ .50

White Poster Board:                                                                                       $ .50

White Foam Board:                                                                                          $3

Electric 1 Circuit Board Parts:                                                                         $9

Electric 2 Shake Light Kit:                                                                               $20

Electric 3 Extension Cord Kit                                                                           $28

Electric 3 Trouble Light Kit                                                                              $42

Electric 4  Complete Lamp Kit                                                                           $22


Available while supplies last.

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