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2021 Orange County Fair Schedule


2021 4-H Pre-Fair Judging

June 28th, Monday

5:00-7:30pm— 4-H Non-Perishable Project and all Mini 4-H projects judging

July 10th, Saturday

9:30-11:30am— Foods, Microwave, Floriculture, Beekeeping & Garden project judging


2021 4-H Livestock Shows

July 10th, Saturday

9:00am— Horse & Pony

1:00pm— Poultry

6:00pm— Rabbit


July 11th, Sunday

9:30am— County Born & Raised Swine, Breeding Gilts

2:00pm— Orange County Born & Raised Goat, Goat  show


July 12th, Monday

4:00pm— Swine Showmanship

5:00pm— Market Swine Show


July 13th, Tuesday

5:00pm— Dairy

6:00pm— Horse & Pony Gaming

7:00pm— Beef, Beef Showmanship


July 14th, Wednesday

9:30am— Small Animal

11:00am— Cat Show

6:00pm— Sheep


July 15th, Thursday

5:00pm— County Born & Raised Beef

7:00pm— Master Showmanship


July 20th, Friday

10:30am— Livestock Auction






Friday, June 25th

  • 6pm— Fair Queen & Junior Miss Contest, Little Miss & Mister, Mini Miss & Mister,

   4-H Fashion Revue

    –Orleans High School Cafeteria

Monday, June 28th

  • 5-7:30pm— 4-H Non-Perishable Project and all Mini 4-H projects judging, CC          


Friday, July 9th

  • 4-8pm— 4-H Poultry Check-In, DRURY
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Rabbit Check-In, DRURY
  • 6-9pm— 4-H Sheep Weigh-In, BR
  • 6-9pm— 4-H Goat Weigh-In,  BR
  • 6-9pm— 4-H Swine Weigh-In, BR

Saturday, July 10th

  • 6-9am— 4-H Swine Check-In/Weigh-In, BR
  • 9am— 4-H Horse & Pony Show, OA
  • 9:30-11:30am—Foods, Microwave, Floriculture, Beekeeping & Gardening project judging, CC
  • 10am-12pm— 4-H Beef Check-in/Weigh-in, BR
  • 12-1pm— 4-H Dairy Check-in/Weigh-in, BR
  • 12-5pm — Phil Darlage Show Supplies selling Weaver brand supplies
  • 1pm— 4-H Poultry Show, PRB
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB
  • 6pm— 4-H Rabbit Show, DRURY

Sunday, July 11th

  • 8:30am— Cowboy Church, BA

free donuts courtesy of Indiana 4-H

  • 9:30am— Breeding Gilts, OC B&R, BA
  • 2pm— OC B&R Goat, Goat Show, BA
  • 2pm— Open Quilt Show Judging, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC

Monday, July 12th

  • 8am— 4-H Livestock Auction Pictures (swine), BA & BR- ALL OTHER SPECIES FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY AFTER
  • 1pm— Kids Activity, BA
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB,
  • 4pm— 4-H Swine Showmanship, BA
  • 5pm— 4-H Market Swine Show, BA

*All swine being kept for breeding or State Fair may leave. All other swine must stay until picked up for processing later in week.

Tuesday, July 13th

  • 1pm— Kids Activity, BA
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB
  • 5pm— 4-H Dairy Show, BA
  • 6pm— 4-H Horse & Pony Gaming Show, OA
  • 6:30pm— Poultry Parade of Breeds, DRURY
  • 7pm— Egg Judging, DRURY
  • 7pm— 4-H Beef Show, Beef Showmanship, BA


Wednesday, July 14th 

  • 9:30am—Small Animal Show, DRURY
  • 11:00am—4-H Cat Show, DRURY
  • 12pm— Free Pizza for 4-Hers, Shelter Area
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB
  • 6pm— 4-H Sheep Show, BA
  • 6:30pm— Check-In Ugly Fruit & Vegetable

    Contest, CC

  • 7:30pm — 4-H Talent Show, organized by Jr. Leaders, MID

Thursday, July 15th

  • 10am— Mud Volleyball, OA
  • 5-9pm— 4-H Exhibits Open, CC
  • 5-9pm— Commercial Exhibits Open, 4-HB
  • 5pm —- Tractor Pedal Pull—Kids, TRK
  • 5pm— 4-H County Born & Raised Beef Show, BA
  • 7pm—Master Showmanship
  • 7-9pm– Non-Animal Projects Released, CC
  • 9-10pm— Commercial Exhibits Removed,


*After Conclusion of 4-H Beef Show— ALL Non-Auction/Non-Market Animals


Friday, July 16th

  • 8am-12pm— Commercial Exhibits Removed,


  • 9-11am— 4-H Non-Animal Projects Released, CC
  • 10:00am—Ten Yr 4-H Member Recognition, BA
  • 10:30am— 4-H Livestock Auction, BA

Saturday, July 17th

  • 7pm– Demo Derby, TRK

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