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4-H Embryology


4-H Embryology: The Study of Embryo/Chick Development

 Eggs take exactly 21 days to hatch, and the process of chick development is an exciting opportunity for your students! We are working to create lessons, videos and resources for you to use in your classroom. This page will be the "home" of all the embryology info - so make sure to bookmark this page and check back often for new additions!

Incubators will be set at each school following spring break in the following locations:

Throop: Library

Valley: Kindergarten Commons

Orleans: Library



Day 1: Eggs set on April 1st

Day 21: Eggs Hatch on April 22nd


Lesson Videos:

 Lesson 1: The Incredible Egg - Uses Parts of the Egg Worksheet -

 Lesson 2: Chicken Habitats - Draw a Picture & Write a Story -


Resource Guide:

Chick Development Video:

American Egg Board - Virtual tours and videos:

4H36800 - University of Florida Embryology Curriculum: This is the entire embryology unit, you may find additional lessons and resources here as well as details about temperatures and incubator settings.

CAUTION - NOW ENTERING: This is a printable sign for you to place on your door (or near the incubator)

Coloring Pages: Printable coloring pages

Egg Word Search: Printable Word Search Worksheet

Embryology Safety: Printable sign to place near incubator

Parts of the Egg Worksheet: Used in Lesson 1 Video

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