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February Newsletter

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Beef & Dairy Identification Day

March 4th from 8 - 9AM

Ohio County Fairgrounds

  •  All animals must be haltered with lead.
  •  Steers will be tagged and weighed.
  • All steers and all heifers will be RFID tagged. 4-H members MUST provide Premise ID numbers in 4-H Online by May 15th. 
  •  All commercial heifers will be tagged (unless they already have a tattoo) and weighed. Registered heifers will be tagged with RFID tags and must present registration form at tag day and complete livestock enrollment in 4HOnline. All heifers must be permanently identified with a tattoo or 5-digit county tag, in order to meet federal health requirements.
  •  Cows for the cow/calf project must be enrolled in 4HOnline by May 15. The calf will be tagged at the fair prior to unloading.
  •  Dairy heifers must be tattooed if not previously done and entered in 4HOnline by May 15.
  •  All livestock will need to be entered online by the deadline information will be distributed at the ID Day.
  •  Any beef cattle going to the Indiana State Fair will need DNA samples taken contact the extension office for more information. 

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