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Miami County Master Gardeners Year End Review

Miami County Master Gardeners Year End Review
The Miami County Master Gardeners ended the year 2021 clocking in a total of 743 hours of volunteering time and 111 hours of education.   At the Annual Achievement night four members leveled-up and were awarded new badges.
  • Karen Berglan received her Advanced MG badge
  • Susan Banker moved up to Silver level
  • Terri Pearce earned her Gold Level badge
  • Patty Cole received Advanced Gold 2000 hours.
Congratulations also go out to Susan Banker and Julie Spangler in recognition of hitting their 10-year anniversaries.  Miami County is fortunate to have these lifelong learners with an abundance of horticulture knowledge willing to educate and lend a hand. 
We are also starting the year with a whole new set of recently graduated Master Gardeners.  Twelve individuals took in 40 hours of horticulture education over 15 weeks for Basic Training.  It is quite an accomplishment to go back to the classroom for that kind of commitment and finish strong.  Congratulations Miami County Master Gardener Class of 2021!!


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