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Real Colors

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Let us bring Real Colors to your team!
Over two million people have experienced how Real Colors opens the door to a whole new world of understanding one’s self and others.

Everyone has a distinct temperament, or personality. Real Colors has a full suite of fun, interactive workshop experiences designed to identify a person’s temperament, or Color, and then apply that knowledge to understand how and why people communicate differently. Real Colors workshops provide a framework for participants to examine who they are and how they relate to others. Participants will develop the skills to communicate effectively and build stronger relationships – both in and out of the workplace. Most importantly, Real Colors provides lasting results because the knowledge is easy to remember and apply.
Real Colors is a stepping stone to:
  • Integrating new employees
  • Enhancing company culture
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing conflicts
  • Increasing employee engagement and longevity
The following Real Colors workshops are available to your organization:
Real Colors Fundamentals
The exclusive Real Colors personality assessment is the foundation of a fun, interactive workshop where participants learn how to quickly identify their own temperament, or Color, and that of others. Using this powerful knowledge, participants will develop more effective communication skills and build better relationships - both in and out of the workplace - by understanding what motivates each of the Real Colors and what each of the Real Colors needs to feel successful.
Real Solutions is designed to take Real Colors participants to the next level of understanding how Real Colors creates a system to process stressful and uncomfortable situations. Real Solutions is a dynamic workshop that takes difficult situations that occur in relationships and shows how Real Colors concepts can make a difference. Successful change management is a core component of Real Solutions.
Real teams
Real Teams takes participants through a series of fast-paced, interactive, and fun activities, allowing them to learn the strengths of each of the Real Colors first-hand. Exploring the concepts of trust, opportunities for growth, and what successful teams look like through the lens of Real Colors, participants will leave the workshop with applicable knowledge and skills that will help them work better together.
The Real Applications workshop allows your organization to apply Real Colors in exciting new ways. Participants will look at how a person’s second color affects their overall personality style, how Real Colors concepts help each team member connect with your organization’s mission, and how Real Colors offers a framework to navigate difficult conversations.
Real leadership
Real Leadership is applicable for emerging leaders to c-suite executives. Participants start by evaluating their leadership strengths and build on these strengths through small and large group activities that include public speaking, listening skills, empowering others, and developing a personal leadership plan.
We would love to bring the power of Real Colors to your organization. 

Laura Dodds (She/Her)
Purdue Extension Marion County

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