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Meet the PEMC Team Kody Orr

When did you start working at Extension & what is your job title?

I started working at extension in mid May just a couple of days shy of my birthday. My Job Title is STEAM Education Coordinator (also just 4H Associate Educator!)

Where did you go to college and what was your major?

I attended Purdue from August 2013 before (finally) graduating in August 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education.

What was the "aha moment" that got you interested in working with Purdue Extension?

What got me interested in working for extension, particularly in this position, is combining two of my dearest passions - youth development and hands-on STEM activities.

What is the app on your phone you can't live without?

Youtube. Most of my media consumption these days is done primarily through Youtube. But also Google Maps, especially with having to navigate around Marion County for Extension!

Who inspired you most in your career?

One person who has inspired me across my career was my trainer at my old job (residential placement for youth), Andrew K. Andrew was an absolutely phenomenal trainer and mentor throughout my two years at my old job and really showed me how to handle a trove of difficult situations with youth (especially youth that tend to have behavioral issues).

What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant ever is “Martino’s Italian Villa” in Kokomo. My family has been patronizing Martino’s (and generally ordering the same meals) since the 1980s! Otherwise, Yatagarasu Ramen in Lafayette will always have my heart.

What do you tell Alexa to play most often?

Lately, “Meet me at our spot” has been playing on repeat for myself.

What is one word you would use to describe PEMC?


It's your last dinner party on earth, you can invite 3 people that are not of blood relation to join you at your table. These people can be alive or dead. Who are they?

This is such a difficult choice. But I would have to go with Dorothy Day (founder of the Catholic Worker Movement), Robert Evans (notable journalist), and Nestor Makhno (Ukranian figure from the early 20th century).

Last question, do you believe in ghosts? What about Aliens?

I absolutely believe in ghosts! I swear my little cat, Beans, can detect the ghosts in my apartment. He always gravitates toward this one corner whenever I open my pantry door. Every time, without fail.

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