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Meet the PEMC Team Carey Grable

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Meet Extenstion Educator- Home Horticulture, Carey Grable

When did you start working at Extension & what is your job title? 
I started in Extension in 2010 at the University of Kentucky as a Nursery Consultant. My current title is Extension Educator – Home Horticulture for Purdue Extension Marion County

Where did you go to college and what was your major?
I graduated from Murray State University with a Master's in Horticulture.

What was the "aha moment" that got you interested in working with Purdue Extension?
I interned in Extension under a Horticulture Agent in Kentucky when I was an undergrad. I had no idea what Extension was or what they were involved in when I first started. I think my “aha moment” was when I realized that there was a career path that would allow me to focus both on horticulture as well as helping people.

What is the app on your phone you can't live without?
Amazon Music. Nothing makes the work commute better than good tunes.

Who inspired you most in your career?
My first mentor in my position at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Win Dunwell. Dr. Dunwell took the time to teach a young kid straight out of college everything I needed to know. I worked for Dr. Dunwell for 5 years, and I have an immense amount of respect for him as an Educator, and as a person.

What is your favorite restaurant?
El Palenque in Noblesville. Best tacos in town!

What do you tell Alexa to play most often?
This changes so often it’s hard to say. Right now, I’d have to say Too Many Zooz.

What is one word you would use to describe PEMC?
Ambitious. We are all new and excited about all of the big plans we have for Marion County.

It's your last dinner party on earth, you can invite 3 people that are not of blood relation to join you at your table. These people can be alive or dead. Who are they?
I have a set of friends who have all been together since high school. I think it would have to be them. Andrew, Josh, and Matt are as good of a group of people as you can find anywhere.

Last question, do you believe in ghosts? What about Aliens?
I believe that it would be arrogant of me to assume I knew everything about the universe we live in. While I can't say I’ve seen any proof of ghosts or aliens, I would certainly entertain the idea if presented with compelling evidence.


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