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Marion County Extension AnswerLine Updates



The Master Gardener AnswerLine began in the mid-’90s with the goal of helping answer Marion County residents' home horticulture questions on gardens, turf, and ornamentals. The AnswerLine is staffed by Master Gardner trained volunteers who provide research-based information for residents specific to issues faced in Indiana’s region five. The AnswerLine runs around 1600 hours per year. The group currently operating the line is about 10 people. We expect to recruit more later this fall. Call and email volume fluctuates with the season. In June, we had around 30 emails and around 20 calls.

The Answer Line took its first hiatus in 2020, pivoting to answers by email and follow-up calls so our volunteers could remain at home, safe. We are thrilled to announce the Purdue Extension-Marion County Master Gardener AnswerLine is back and working its way back to full capacity! Extension Master Gardeners will be available at the Purdue Extension-Marion County office to help provide answers in person and receive plant samples for diagnosis. Questions can also be addressed by phone or email.

The Master Gardener AnswerLine is open from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 3 PM

Call: 317-275-9292


Visit:   1202 E 38th St

            Suite 201, Discovery Hall

            Indianapolis, IN 46205-2807


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