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Marion County 4-H Five Equity Initiatives for Change


We develop the leaders of tomorrow

Purdue Extension Marion County (PEMC) values underappreciated communities and celebrates human differences by embracing and recognizing the need for diverse, equitable, and inclusive structural change.

As part of Extension, 4-H has existed for over 100 years as a premier youth development organization. Since its inception, 4-H has created impactful opportunities for youth. However, some youth have been left behind and we want to change that.

We are asking Marion County 4-H families, volunteers, and partners to join us in creating inclusive and welcoming 4-H spaces for all young people. We want to see a 4-H community program that:

  • Looks like our richly diverse county. Adult and youth participation should reflect our 37% non-white, 10% hispanic/latino population.

  • Partners with our most populous Center Township neighborhoods: Downtown, the Near Eastside, the Near West, and Fountain Square.

  • Develops life skills to bridge the widening opportunity gap, with a focus on minority and low-income communities where young people graduate at lower rates and drop out at higher rates than their peers.

We are an organization committed to "providing real-life educational opportunities that develop young people who will have a positive impact in their communities and the world."

Starting in 2021, Marion County 4-H will strive to provide equitable opportunity for all by focusing our recruitment and programming efforts on historically and currently underappreciated youth and families. 

This objective is transformational and we want you to partner with us to achieve this together.


Our five equity initiatives to drive organizational change.


Volunteer Development

We will deliver a workshop series to ensure current Marion County 4-H volunteers have the tools they need to practice cultural competence and inclusion and create a welcoming environment for all.

Focus on Underappreciated communities

County-level programming efforts for 2021-22 will focus on mobilizing experts and leaders in underappreciated communities to deliver research-backed 4-H curricula to audiences whose voices will benefit our program.

Development of a 3-Year Strategic plan

In consultation with the Marion County Advisory Council, community members, and stakeholders, we will develop a 3-year strategic plan to advance equity initiatives over the long term.

Represented voices

We will create space for diverse adult and youth voices in all future county-level 4-H conversations. This core group of voices will participate in Advisory Council meetings and will live, work, or serve in underappreciated communities.

Strong community partnerships

Community organizations are trusted, established spaces. We will focus our equity approach and program expansion by building strong partnerships with existing community centers and hubs.

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