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Required 4-H Volunteer Training for Youth safety and reporting child abuse

How to Sign Up for the Online Training Certification: 

It is an expectation that all 4-H leaders view the training and pass the test (@ 100%) before being certified/re-certified as 4-H leaders. Leaders are unable to access the presentation/take the test until they are fully enrolled and acknowledged as 'active' as  a 4-H leader for the new year. Allow at least one 24 hour period prior to attempting to follow through with this after enrolling as a 2015-16 4-H leader.... Thank you!     Participation is available in different formats: 

By viewing/testing online (at home, library etc.) via the following instructions (bottom of page). OR

> Attend the brief training/test-taking (in-person) at the Extension office... Contact Sandy ahead of time at 275-9305 or email if you wish to individually view the training and take the test in the office, taking around a half hour.... computers are available to follow through in the Extension Office.


NOTE: This training is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari Web browsers, (NOT Internet Explorer).

See related files, bottom of page for visual instruction assistance pertaining to how to progress through the below instructions on 4-H Online

1. Login to your 4HOnline account at with your family email address and password.

2. Click the ‘Continue to Family’ button.

3. Click ‘Edit’ next to your name in the families Members/Volunteer list.

4. Click ‘Training’ above the Personal Profile Information heading.

5. Click the ‘Sign Up for a Training’ button, and then click ‘Sign-up’ next to the training title.

6. Select the name of the training program to you are signing up to complete. (Example: Youth Safety and Child Abuse Reporting)

7. Click the title of the training. The course content will pop-up in a new window.

8. View the training then take the test

9. OPTIONAL: Print the Certificate of Completion after completing the training. You must click through to the page that indicates you should close the window before you see the option to print your completion certificate. 

See related files, below for visual instruction assistance pertaining to  how to progress through the above instructions on 4-H Online







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