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Plant and Pest Problems


Plant & Pest Diagnostic Lab (Purdue University) (Search the PPDL Website)

Landscape Entomology Laboratory (Purdue University) (Pest Control Links)

Hort Corner: Pests & Disease Section (University of Illinois)

HortAnswers (University of Illinois) (Problem Search)

Diagnostics (University of Minnesota)

HGIC Landscape Problem Solver (Univ. of Maryland)

Common Problems for Vegetable Crops (University of Illinois)

The Berry Diagnostic Tool (Cornell University)

The Lawn Problem Solver (Extension NCR)


Purdue Extension Publications (Purdue University)

Animal Damage Management Publications

List of Insect Publications

Fruit Insect and Disease Control (Purdue publication ID-146)

Vegetable Insect Control (Purdue publication E-21)

Ornamental Insect Publications

Plant Disease and Pesticide Publications

Turf Insect and Disease Publications

Abiotic Plant Disorders (Michigan State University)

Ohioline (Ohio State University) Search Ohioline

Insect and Mite Control on Woody Ornamentals and Herbaceous Perennials (Bulletin 504) (not available online)

Disease Control in the Landscape (Bulletin 614) (not available online)

Insect and Other Pest Fact Sheets

Plant Disease Fact Sheets

BugDoc Fact Sheets (Ornamental & Turf Insects) (Ohio State University)

Integrated Pest Management (University of Illinois)

Insect Documents

Reports on Plant Diseases (RPD)

IPM of Midwest Landscapes (Ornamental & Turf Insects) (University of Minnesota) includes: Tree and Shrub Pests (organized by host name) and Tree and Shrub Pests (organized by pest common name) and Turf Pests (organized by damage) and Turf Pests (organized by pest common name) and Beneficial Arthropods (organized taxonomically) and Beneficial Arthropods (organized by arthropod common name)


Asian Longhorned Beetle (USDA Forest Service)

 Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Websites
Emerald Ash Borer (Purdue University)

Emerald Ash Borer Management for Homeowners

Firewood Alert: Don't Move Firewood
Emerald Ash Borer (North Central Research Station, USDA Forest Service)

Emerald Ash Borer Pest Alert Fact Sheet
Emerald Ash Borer (Indiana DNR)

Emerald Ash Borer confirmed for Indianapolis in 2006

DNR announces change in procedures to deal with EAB
Emerald Ash Borer Info (regional website)
Alternatives to Ash Trees (see Related Files) (university-forest service, 25 pages)
Alternatives to Ash Trees (see Related Files) (IDNR CUF, 1-page overview)

Gypsy Moth (Purdue University)

Japanese Beetles (Purdue & Other Links)

Periodical Cicadas (Purdue & Other Links)

Pine Shoot Beetle (National Agricultural Pest Information System)

Soybean Rust (Purdue & Other Links)

Sudden Oak Death (Purdue & Other Links)

A Practitioner's Guide to Stem Girdling Roots of Trees (University of Minnesota)


Wildlife Conflicts Information Hotline (USDA, IDNR, Purdue)
Wildlife Damage Management (
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management ( (Prevention and Control Of Wildlife Damage Handbook)
Is there another way to effectively control moles besides trapping? (see Related Files near bottom of page) (Purdue Extension-Marion County)


General Weed Identification

Photo Gallery of Weeds, Weed Science Society of America

New Jersey Weed Gallery, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Weeds of the North Central States, University of Illinois

Weed Identification, University of Illinois C-FAR

Weed Identification Guide, Virginia Tech

Weed Herbarium, University of Massachusetts

Weed Photo Gallery, Kansas Department of Agriculture

Weed Photo Gallery, University of California

Weed Identification Resources, Iowa State University

Turfgrass Weed Identification

Turfgrass Weed of the Month, Purdue University

Midwestern Turfgrass Weed Identification and Control, University of Illinois

MSU Turf, Michigan State University

Turfgrass Weed Identification, University of Kentucky

North Central Weed Listing, WeedAlert.Com

Mushroom Identification

Puffballs, Purdue University

Wild Mushrooms, Ohio State University

Tom Volk's Fungi, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Mushroom Guide, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, CA

Mushroom Toxicology, North American Mycological Association

Other Plant/Weed Identification Websites

Purdue Forage Plant Identification, Purdue University

Weed Science and Botany Slide Sets, Purdue University


Plant Image Gallery, Noble Foundation

Noxious Weeds and Weed Laws

Noxious and Invasive Weeds and The Weed Laws in Indiana, Purdue University


Office of the Indiana State Chemist (OISC) Pesticide Database Searches (OISC)
Indiana Pesticide Product Database (maintained by NPIRS at Purdue)
Home Use Pesticide Database (Colorado State University)
(This database can also search for organic products only.)
National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS) (U.S. EPA/OPP's PPIS, maintained at Purdue)
Purdue Pesticide Programs (Purdue University) (Pesticide Publication Index
Pesticide Labels & MSDS
Tox Drop Program (City of Indianapolis)
Turf Pesticides and Cancer Risk Database (Cornell University)
Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential (EPA, April 26, 2006)

Tables of Chemicals by Potential Risk
Using Organic Fungicides (Purdue University)

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management (Cornell University)

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) OMRI Products List (list of materials approved for organic use in USA)

Homeowner's Pesticide Log (see Related Files)

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