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Help! I can't find my project in 4HOnline

As we have unrolled the new 4HOnline, we have simplified the list of projects to make it easier to enroll. Some of our county only projects now fall under the state project headings, but you will still be able to do the same type of project work and/or exhibits. Use the information below to help you sign up for the correct projects in 4HOnline. 

You can enroll for your projects at Be sure to enroll by January 15, and you can add or drop projects all the way through May 15. 


  • If you want to do Construction Toys, Farm Scene, Gift Wrapping, Recycling, or Scrapbooking, sign up for Arts and Crafts
  • If you want to do Crops, sign up for Gardening
  • If you want to do Cupcake Decorating, sign up for Cake Decorating
  • If you want to do African Violets, sign up for Floriculture
  • If you want to do Robotics, sign up for STEM
  • If you want to do Collections, Read-a-book, Creative Writing, or Do Your Own Thing, sign up for Collections/Hobbies

 When the handbook is released, you will find the project guidelines under these new headings as well. 

Note: Microwave and Create-a-mix are no longer offered. If you like those projects, be sure to sign up for Foods! In the foods project, the rules do not prohibit the use of a boxed mix, so you could do a project very similar to Create-a-mix. 

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