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4-H Volunteer Resources


Volunteer Resources

Volunteers are vital to 4-H programming.  Without their endless support 4-H youth development programs could not exist.  Volunteers host meetings, teach project content, plan and organize events, and dedicate many hours of program assistance.  Positive youth development occurs when youth participate in activities that promote life skills such leadership, citizenship, character, responsibility, sense of belonging, and empowerment. Positive youth development environments have adult mentors who help guide youth in directions that develop these life skills


Become a NEW Volunteer

There are many areas and ways that Volunteers can assist the LaPorte County 4-H program and youth in our area.   If you are interested please just complete the Volunteer Application and email it to or return by mail: Purdue Extension-LaPorte County Office, 2857 W. State Road 2, Suite A, LaPorte, IN 46350.    


Returning Volunteers

Please remember that enrollment for 4-H starts on October 1st and in order to work with youth, you will need to be an approved volunteer.  There are 4 trainings that are now part of the enrollment process.  Please visit to complete the process.

Role Descriptions for All Volunteers

Not sure which role you want to volunteer for.... here is a list with a brief description

Advisor/Chaperone - Work with 4-H Youth Development staff to ensure youth have safe and positive  4-H experiences.

Afterschool Enrichment Volunteer - Serves as a liaison between the Extension Educators, members and their families regarding the 4H club programs.

Clinicians/Workshop Volunteer - Teach specific skills to 4-H members as outlined in project materials and handbooks.

Club Enrollment Liaison - Provide leadership for members and volunteers who are enrolling in club or group.

Club Leader - Provide leadership to the club or group.

Committee Member - Work together with other volunteers, leaders and staff to meet program goals.

Council Member -  Follow all 4H guidelines and policies of Purdue Extension, State and County 4-H programs.

Fair Resource Volunteer - Work with 4-H Youth Development staff to ensure youth have safe and positive Fair week experiences.

Jr. Leader Advisor - Provide leadership to the Jr. Leader organization.

Mini 4-H Club Liaison -  Serve as a liaison between the Leader, Office, Educators and families.

Project Superintendent - Coordinate activities/workshops/events in related project area.

Project Division Leader - Assist the Project Coordinator in providing leadership and organization to the project group.

SPARK Club Volunteer - Provide youth in grades 3-12 unique, single focus educational experiences.

Volunteer Host Family - Welcome an international student into your home for the one month homestay experience.

4HOnline 2.0 Tutorials

Enrolling as a NEW volunteer                                       

Enrolling as a returning volunteer 


Other VOLUNTEER Resources

4-H Council Funding Request Form

Communication Form

Fairground Meeting Reservation Form    

Fundraising Request Form 

STEM Resources - The office has several different kits that are available for check-out.  

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