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4-H Club Resources


What is a 4-H Club?

4-H clubs are groups of youth and adults who meet on a regular basis and together practice positive youth development and cooperative learning. Clubs can meet regularly from fall until August. Each club elects officers from the club membership. The officers conduct the business portion of the club meeting.

4-Hers may belong to any 4-H Club in the county. Residence does not restrict club membership. However, most 4-Hers belong to the club closest to where they live or attend school. In LaPorte County, we have 4-H Clubs in all parts of the county. All Clubs should strive to create a quality learning environment for youth that give members a chance to be an active part of the club, to enhance life skills, and to promote positive youth development throughout all activities. All clubs also participate in community service projects throughout the year.

4-Hers may change membership to another club if they wish. It is important to change your club information on 4-HOnline and notify the leaders of both clubs (the one you are leaving and the one you are joining).

Types of Clubs:
In LaPorte County, we have two main types of 4-H Clubs:
Community Club: A club that is usually hosted in a specific part of the county. Meetings in Community Clubs cover a broad range of topics within the 4-H Program
Project Club: A club focused more deeply on a specific subject matter related to 4-H Projects. ATV, Dairy Club, Dog Club, Horse & Pony, and Horse Judging, are all examples of Project Clubs. Meetings in Project Clubs usually focus on topic areas in that specific project.

Selecting a Club
Youth may participate in more than one club depending on their interests. It is recommended that if a youth is involved in a project that has a project-related club, they be involved with that club as well, since many of those club meetings will help the youth understand topics in that project. Other things to consider when selecting a club: location, dates of meetings, size of club you are comfortable with, and areas of interest.

Club Organization

 4-H Club Officer Guides

Financial Information
Risk Management Forms
Fundraising Request Form
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