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Mastering Home Food Preservation

Purdue Extension is inviting you to a Mastering Home Food Preservation 4-day workshop.  You will learn Valuable Resources, In-depth Lectures, Interactive Discussions, Hands-on Practice, and even Take Home Products.  Topics covered are: Food Safety and Freezing, Food Boiling Water Canning, Pressure Canning, Pickling, Drying Foods, Jams and Jellies.

This event will take place on October 31 thru November 3, 2023 at the Petersburg Community Church beginning at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.  The address is: 402 E Illinois St, Petersburg, IN  47567.  The cost is $275.00.  Please contact with any questions.

Click here for more information:  county/knox/2023/09/2024-pike-mhfp-soc-media.pdf or register at 

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