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Rainscaping program Aug 2023 Franklin, IN

There will be a Rainscaping program offered in Johnson County on Aug 14 & 15. Join us to learn through experiential training activities and a tour.

Rainscaping involves techniques such as rain garden and rain barrel planning, installation, and maintenance. Register at The cost is $110 which includes all materials and lunch. For more info, contact Sarah 317-736-3724 or

Please find brochure attached.



Master gardeners, members of conservation agencies and organizations, stormwater professionals, and landscape architects and consultants in Central Indiana can learn landscape design and management practices that reduce pollution from runoff at a workshop hosted by Purdue University Extension and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG). The workshop will take place during the day on Aug 14 and 15 at the Johnson County Extension office in Franklin, IN.

“Landscapes with rainscaping capture stormwater more effectively, which prevents polluted runoff from homes and communities from reaching our local lakes, streams, and rivers.” said Kara Salazar, a sustainable communities Extension specialist with Purdue and IISG. “The Purdue Rainscaping Education Program will teach participants how to promote community awareness and education for these important practices.”

Participants will learn how to site, design, construct, and maintain a rain garden. Participants will also create a demonstration rain garden in a public space with community partners. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who attend all five sessions. 


To learn more about the Rainscaping Education Program and other Purdue University and IISG sustainability programs, visit:

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