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Mini Kindergarten

This is your online resource for the 2020 4-H Mini Kindergarten project. The manual is below. If you have any questions, please refer to the 4-H Handbook or contact the Extension Office.

*If you have trouble accessing any of these documents below because of a disability, please contact the Jackson Co. Extension Office at (812) 358-6101 or send an email to


Here are the requirements for this project:


Mini 4-H is a program designed to encourage positive development of children. Kindergarten through second grade. The goal of Mini 4-H is to help young children explore friendships outside the family, explore the way in which things work; practice both small and large muscle control; and think about the ways people work together on projects.

    The non-competitive learning environment for Mini 4-H includes:

  1. Planned learning activities in which children are invited to be active and explore materials and ideas without the pressure of completing a specific product or exhibit.
  2. Low adult/leader to child ratio that allows tie for adults/leaders to provide individual, positive encouragement and assistance.
  3. Simple, interesting activities that are fun.
  4. Encouragement of children to participate in a group activity by sharing and or displaying their activit projects.
  5. Rewards that are identical and /or ribbons of the same color for everyone.

Do not judge projects, but instead discuss them with the child.

Mini 4-H Members do not turn in a green book.


    1. All posters are to be 14”x22” poster board.

    2. All posters need to have stiff backing.

    3. All posters need to be covered with a clear plastic.

    4. All posters should be horizontal.

    5. Put a title on your poster.


    All mini projects are to be entered the Wednesday before the fair, with the exception of Garden. Garden will be judged the same day as regular 4-H Garden.  


Safety Policy for Mini/Exploring 4-H Members:

The safety and well being of our 4-H youth is of the utmost importance. Although kindergarten is specified as the time when a child may begin participation in some 4-H events and activities, parents are encouraged to take into consideration their child’s physical and mental development before agreeing to let the child begin to show, work with, or care for animals. Each child matures at a different rate, and children in grades K-2 may still be too young to begin showing, working with, or caring for animals.

The State 4-H Youth Program at Purdue University has agreed to allow Mini/Exploring 4-H members in grades K-2, to participate in some animal projects subject to certain conditions. These conditions are specified below.

Each county may determine its own NON-COMPETITIVE programs, classes, and participation requirements subject to the following safety guidelines:

“Mini/Exploring 4-H members, in grades K through 2, will be allowed to show, work with, or care for animal projects after their parent or legal guardian has signed a liability release. Mini/Exploring 4-H members may independently show, work with, or care for animals that weigh 300 pounds or less. Mini/Exploring 4-H members may only show, work with, or care for animals over 300 pounds when they are assisted by a parent, legal guardian, or another adult designated in writing by parent or legal guardian.” (The word assisted means that the adult has control of the animal at all times.)

Mini/Exploring 4-H members exhibiting horses must wear ASTM or SEI standard F1163 (or above) certified helmets whenever mounted. The parent/guardian is responsible to see that this specified headgear is properly fitted with the approved harness in place and fastened whenever a rider is mounted.

If the guidelines stated in this policy are not followed for a particular event or activity, then such event or activity shall not be considered to be a 4-H event or activity and shall not be under the auspices of Extension 4-H educators or covered by Purdue University.


Mini 4-H - Kindergarten (can exhibit 1 project)

Cake Decorating - Frost one 2” - 4” sugar cookie using store-bought or homemade frosting and decorate with sprinkles. Place the decorated cookie on a paper plate and cover with plastic wrap. You do not need to make your cookie.

CRAFTS - Make and exhibit one article from the area of needlework, latchwork, candle-making, fine arts, etc. If drawing a picture or making a collage, either draw or make on 14”x22” poster board, or mount on this type of poster board.

FOODS - Exhibit 3 baked biscuits either purchased canned or homemade.

FORESTRY - Mount and identify by labeling 3 leaves on a 14”x22” horizontal poster.

GARDEN - Plant, grow and exhibit 1 vegetable. Follow single vegetable requirements for correct exhibit number of vegetables. (Refer to list in Garden section of regular 4-H for number to bring.)

HEALTH – Exhibit a 14” x 22” horizontal poster with a MyPlate example with pictures or drawings of foods fitting to each category.

LIVESTOCK –Exhibit a 14” x 22” horizontal poster that has a picture of a livestock animal. Identify by labeling the animal and label 3 parts on the animal.

           NOTE - Mini 4-H Livestock members are not to work with or show live animals in a 4-H event.  

MODELS - Make and exhibit a Lego or other model kit appropriate for a kindergarten aged member. Exhibit needs to be attached to a base no larger than 8”x8”x8” with all pieces secured.

READING – Exhibit a 14” x 22” horizontal poster by drawing a scene from your favorite part of a book you have read this year.

SCIENCE – Plant Science – Plant 3 small pots with a flower or vegetable in each one. (Example – green beans, tomato, pepper, zinnia.) Take care of the plants and exhibit the best plant of the three.


SCRAPBOOKING - Learn to preserve your memories in an organized and creative way. Exhibit 2 pages (1 page front and back) in an album at least 8”x10” in size. See your manual for guidelines.

SEWING – Make and exhibit either 2 quilt squares or the Tic Tac Toe Weaving as directed in the manual and mount on a 14” x 22” horizontal poster.

WILDLIFE – Draw, color and identify by labeling 2 animals native to Indiana from provided list. Exhibit mounted on a 14” x 22” horizontal poster.

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