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New Family Information

Dear New 4-H Family,

Welcome to the Hendricks County 4-H Program! We are excited to have you join us! We encourage you to peruse the related files below to download good resources to assist you in this transition. Such resources include:

  • Hendricks County 4-H Family Guide: This guide will give you some basics of 4-H, what to expect from our program, and a quick glossary of terms in case you hear or see something you are not familiar with.
  • What is 4-H?: This handout will give you an overview of the 4-H program.
  • 4-H Meeting: Learn about club meetings - what they will typically look like, what their purpose is, etc. 
  • Pledges: Each meeting and 4-H event is started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.
  • Handouts for Parents/Guardians: Learn what is expected of you as a 4-H parent. Review some "do's and don'ts" when it comes to helping your 4-Her. We want you to be involved with the 4-H program, but would remind you that it is a program for the youth!
  • Clover Connection: Our Clover Connection is our monthly newsletter that is sent close to the first of the month. You will be able to access it from your 4-HOnline account and our website.
  • White Achievement Card: This is like your "permanent record" for 4-H. Be sure to update this yearly to be eligible for awards and scholarships!
  • Invitation to New Family Orientation: Join us for a deeper discussion of what it means to be a 4-H family, how you can get involved, and answer any questions you may have! When: January 17th, 2024 
  • Project Description: Quick overview of the projects we offer here in Hendricks County.
  • Club List: See just how many clubs we have in Hendricks County. Club List
  • Project Manuals: See what books/record sheet go with each project you decide to take. These are available for purchase at our office, and prices range from $1-$10. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Hendricks County Extension Office at 317-745-9260. 


  • Main 4-H Page
    • This page contains pertinent information such as: Newsletters (Clover Connection), Project Record Sheets, County manuals, and the 4-H Handbook!
  • Enrolling in 4-H
  • Follow the following guides to help you enroll in 4-H using 4Honline.

How to Enroll as a NEW 4-H Member

How to enroll as a RETURNING 4-H Member

  • New Family Guide- Everything you need to know about 4-H! This guide will help you in your first years of 4-H
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