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Why is Hydration Important


The warmer the weather gets, the more water we lose and the more risk there is of losing too much water or “dehydration”. Our bodies lose water through sweating, breathing, and urinating. Make sure to have enough water in your body by following some simple practices.


Know the signs and symptoms. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Other signs include dry or sticky mouth, headache, muscle cramps, dark urine.

Drink the recommended amount of water daily. Women should drink about 11 cups of water daily and men should drink around 16.

Spice it up. Try out different kinds of iced teas or add fruit or vegetables to spice up your water. Water does not have to be plain.

Avoid caffeine and sugar-sweetened drinks. The caffeine in soda can make your body lose fluids and the sugar adds calories without adding nutrients. Drinking milk, water, and other beverages with little or no sugar, and without caffeine, will keep you hydrated and healthy.


Making sure to stay hydrated is important to keep your body temperature stable, fight off illness, deliver nutrients to all body cells, and to keep joints and the entire body working as it should.

-Good skin complexion -Help with weight loss -Get rid of bacteria

-Keep a healthy blood pressure -Encourage good digestion





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