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SPARKS Clubs are open to youth grades 3-12 to “spark” new interest in the Indiana 4-H program.  SPARK Clubs are special interest groups designed to capture the attention of youth with single focus, “out of the box” interests that are likely diffe​​rent from state-recognized 4-H projects. These clubs are led by volunteers bringing their subject mastery to the club.  SPARK Clubs include six hours of instructional time that can occur in one day or over a length of time. Most SPARK Clubs end their program with a culminating event or activity.


Interested in leading a SPARK club? Contact Rebecca Wilkins at 812-738-4236 or SPARK an interest in children in our community!


Sewing Spark Club led by Katy Casper, March 2020


Tae Kwan Do Spark Club led by the Harrison Count Tae Kwan Do School, 2019


Equine Science Spark Club led by Rebecca Wilkins, 2018

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