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Nutritional Programing with Carrie Pfeiffer

Nutritional Programming with Carrie Pfeiffer!

Carrie Pfeiffer is our Nutrition Education Program Advisor serving the youth of Fayette County as well as youth and adults in Franklin County. Carrie has been busy working with the youth of Fayette County at the Connersville Middle School. She has been teaching 7th and 8th graders, one class a week for multiple weeks in a row each semester, about healthy food choices and nutrition! Captivating middle school youth is not always an easy task but Carrie made classes fun with interactive classes. This has not only been an enjoyable teaching experience for Carrie, it’s also been a fun learning experience for some of her students! One youth, Violet Ruf, stated, “When Carrie is in my Health class, it’s my favorite part of the day!”.

In addition to teaching youth, Carrie has also been working with adults on a program called “Eating Smart, Moving Healthy”. This program, run through the Red Life Food Pantry, provides adults, who are SNAP eligible, with the knowledge to plan, purchase and cook food with fun healthy recipes and cooking tips. This program encourages learning-by-doing with classes where participants can prepare and sample delicious foods providing them with simple solutions for healthy eating through recipes and physical activity.

“My intention for the Red Life Food Pantry class is for adults to come together to share their own healthy eating habits, tips and information with each other so that we can all encourage one another to find new ways and ideas to stay healthy. We talk a lot about getting more fruits and vegetables into our daily meals. We share recipes for the food that is given at the food bank, trying to promote the healthiest ways to prepare our foods. We share tips and tricks to get more movement and exercise into our daily lives.”- Carrie Pfeiffer

With a gift from Reid Health, our NEP’s were able to purchase crockpots to participants as incentives in Fayette, Union and Franklin County. After the completion of 4 lessons, participants are eligible to receive their free crockpot which will encourage them to continue cooking and using the new knowledge from these lessons.

This ongoing program is open to anyone who is snap eligible and meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month an hour before the food pantry opens. Encouraging healthier communities for a healthier tomorrow.

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