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Purdue Extension Impact Report- 2020

After being ranked 92/92 for poor health in Indiana by a 2018 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study, Becky Marvel saw a need to be filled and worked collaboratively to get the job done. Focusing on a few of Fayette County's major needs, our NEP program sprang into action partnering with Gleaners Food Bank, Fayette County Community Voices, HATCH and the USDA's Farm to Family Program to bring sustainable food options and educational resources to the community. This blossomed into food distributions to families in need through the struggles of the Covid-19 pandemic, a beautiful community garden called the Oasis, educational sessions with families and youth,continued development plans for the 2nd Street Park Project and more! Collaboratively we can work together to fill the need for improvement and create a healthier community for generations to come. 

Highlighted in the Purdue Extension 2020 Impact Report, Fayette County Purdue Extension is proud of these ongoing accomplishments. Read more in the link below!


More than anything, we care about the people who call Indiana home, recognizing and responding to their needs as they arise

- Jason Henderson, 2020 Impact Report

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