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Virtual Fitness

Sometimes fitting exercise into our busy schedules can be difficult. For some it may come easy and for others it may be more difficult to get to a gym or to even set aside 30 minutes alone. With advances in technology, we have seen a large shift in individuals who work out at home. Technology has broken down the barriers in finding various ways to exercise. Guided exercise has opened the door to a whole new realm of physical possibilities that will help individuals become more active and in a more sufficient way. 

There are many different apps, websites, and programs to tune into to follow along to the workouts provided. They can range anywhere from a follow-along video to specific step-by-step programs. Some are even customizable depending on the program chosen. You can pick what your goals are and maybe your limits so you are able to work at your own pace. There are thousands of health and wellness apps available for download that are made to provide self-efficacy and to help engage with physical activity in a way that best suits your lifestyle.

Many of the exercises are interchangeable and can be switched up from time to time. Some of the apps will allow you to track your progress, monitor your health goals, and watch demonstrations. Typically, the apps that provide the most features are the ones that come with some kind of cost. It could be an initial sign-up cost or a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee. Due to there being so many options for apps, there is competitive pricing to reel you into the best deal. They want to entice you to select their program as much as possible. Some details to look for is the ability to do exercises without equipment, the different levels to each exercise, and if the app provides motivation affirmations. Having virtual fitness apps is a great option because it allows you to remain active on your schedule.

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