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Similar Ingredients Multiple Meal Ideas

"Similar Ingredients, Multiple Meals" is a new handout that features meal i

Delicious chicken and salad dishes

deas that use similar ingredients. Handout includes: featured recipe, recipe #2 using similar ingredients, selecting, handling, and storage tips for proteins and produce, side dish spotlight page, and nutrient profiles.

New recipes and

success tips for selecting seasonal ingredients and cooking tips will be shared each month.  Plus, follow us on our Area 8 Facebook page to view cooking "videos" which highlight delicious dishes that are easy to make for the busy family.  Below are recent recipes / facts.

  • In Aug., we featured salmon, onions and sweet corn. 
  • In Sept., we featured shrimp, bell peppers and strawberries.
  • In Oct., we featured pork, potatoes and apples.
  • In Nov., we featured chicken and sweet potatoes. 
  • In Dec., we featured spaghetti squash, collard greens and onions.
  • In Feb., we featured pasta dishes and mushrooms.
  • In March, we featured flank steak and broccoli dishes.
  • In April, we featured chicken and asparagus.
  • In May, we featured shrimp and spinach.
  • In June, we featured chicken, celery and salad dishes.

Happy cooking.

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