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January Announcements



Congratulations to those Purdue Extension professionals who received well-deserved promotions! Your hard work, dedication, and passion for the mission of Purdue Extension have not gone unnoticed. Your commitment to excellence has made a significant impact on our community, and across the state of Indiana. I wish you continued success in your roles, and may you continue to inspire and educate in the days ahead.

Rachael Smith, Diana Stone, Ashley Piland, Amanda Gray, Abigail Creigh, Effie Campbell, Sthele Greybar, Viviana Guzman, Lara Wieland, Alicia Criswell, William Decker, Lesley Lodmell, Britt Copeland, Kyle Weaver, Kelly Lorenz, Abby Morgan, Jon Charlesworth, Jose Valtierra, Steven Yoder, Amanda Mosiman, Valerie Clingerman, Chelsea Brewer, Sarah Brackney, Cara Harbison, Esmeralda Cruz, Allison Hillis, Jessica Riffle

Fellows Program

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional contributions to the Purdue Extension Fellows program over the past couple of years. Their passion, expertise, and strong work ethic have played a pivotal role in the program's success.

Thank you -  Naomi Bechtold, Kathleen Bohde, Alicia Criswell, Carla Kidwell, John Hawley, Kelly Heckaman, Malea Huffman, Molly Hunt, Samm Johnson, Julie Jones, Robert Kelly, Sam McCullum, Monica Nagele, Austin Pearson, Brittney Schori, Denise Schroeder, Elisabeth Smith, Lupe Valtierra, Kristi Whitaker, Katie Whiteford, Sam Williams, and Josh Winrotte.

The Fellows Program will be temporarily suspended as of January 31, 2024. The future structure and direction of the program are currently under consideration, and we are navigating this transitional phase with an open outlook.

2023 Impact Report

The much-anticipated Purdue Extension Impact Report is now available for review. This comprehensive report showcases the dedication and hard work that you have exemplified across the state of Indiana.

The Impact Report is a testament to the positive change we bring to the areas we serve. It is a reflection of our collective efforts and commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we engage with.

To maximize the reach and visibility of our achievements, I encourage each county to take advantage of the social media toolkit provided. The toolkit contains resources to help you effectively share our success stories on various social media platforms. Please review the toolkit and schedule postings accordingly to ensure our great work reaches a wider audience.

Additionally, I would like to announce that hard copies of the Impact Report will be mailed out to each county. This provides an excellent opportunity for local offices to have a tangible resource to share with stakeholders and partners.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the mission of Purdue Extension.

Purdue Day of Giving Webinar and Q&A sessions

The Purdue Day of Giving Webinar scheduled for February 7 at 2:00 PM EST. Your participation is crucial, as we will be discussing vital information, details, tips, and a general overview related to Purdue Day of Giving activities for your respective counties.

To accommodate those unable to attend the live session, the webinar will be recorded and posted on the Hub. We encourage everyone involved in Purdue Day of Giving for their counties to attend this webinar to gain valuable insights and information.

Moreover, we have organized Questions and Answers sessions on March 5 at 2:00-2:30 PM EST and April 4 at 3:00 - 3:30 PM EST. These sessions are designed for individuals actively working on materials, scheduling posts, or anyone with questions related to their ongoing efforts. Your attendance at these Q&A sessions will provide an opportunity to seek guidance, share insights, and ensure a successful Purdue Day of Giving campaign.

Details for the Purdue Day of Giving Webinar:

Date: February 7
Time: 2:00 PM EST
Recording: Will be posted on the Hub for later review

Details for Questions and Answers Sessions:

Purdue Day of Giving Webinar - Save the Date for February 7, 2024

New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions

We are thrilled to announce a fantastic opportunity for all faculty and staff at Purdue University Libraries. As part of our commitment to providing valuable resources, we are now offering free subscriptions to both the New York Times and the Washington Post.

To access your complimentary subscriptions, simply follow the links below:

  1. New York Times Subscription
  2. Washington Post Subscription

These subscriptions will provide you with unlimited access to high-quality journalism, in-depth analyses, and up-to-date news coverage from two of the most reputable sources in the industry.

Mastering Cascade CMS: Terms, Features, Layout Tips

Get ready to mark your calendars! We are thrilled to invite you to a hands-on virtual Cascade training session scheduled for February 26th at 2 PM EST.

Please note that this session is limited to 30 participants. To ensure an effective and interactive experience, we kindly request that each participant joins individually using their own computer.


  • Date and Time: February 26th, 2:00 PM EST
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Trainers: Lily Morrissey and Gina Price

Training Topics:

  • Cascade terminology
  • Blocks
  • CTA buttons
  • Page layouts
How to Register: Please secure your spot by registering at the Training Registration Link. Act fast, as spots are limited!

We look forward to your active participation. To prepare for the training, we recommend reviewing the Cascade User Guide. For personalized assistance or questions, feel free to contact Lily Morrissey.

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