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It's Tax Season. Where Do Your Local Taxes Go?

TCapital-Comments.pngax season is coming up. Federal income taxes are due on May 17th this year. The due date for Indiana’s state and local income taxes remains on April 15th. The first installment of the property tax is due on May 10. You pay your motor vehicle excise tax with your vehicle registration each year. The due dates are based alphabetically; my last name gives me an April 7 due date. And, of course, sales taxes and motor fuel taxes know no season. You pay those when you shop or fill your tank, all year long.

The debates about federal spending and the state budget are in the news, so we have some idea of where those taxes go. But what about local governments? Property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, motor fuel taxes and vehicle excise taxes all fund local government, too. Here’s how.


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