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4-H Animal Projects

October 8, 2020

Please refer to the 4-H Project Requirement book (under related files below) for more detailed information on each animal species.


2020 Virtual Fair Entry Information

Visit this article for detailed information: 

2020 Animal Identification and Vaccine Updates (as of 5.21.2020)

All beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses and ponies must be identified in by June 1st, 2020

Due to restrictions on in-person events, Monroe County 4-H will not have tagging days for sheep, swine or goats this year. Families will need to tag their own animals for eligibility to show in 4-H this year. Families should request tags through this link and someone from the Extension Office will be in contact very soon to let you know when you can pick up your tags. 

Requirements for COUNTY ONLY animals are: 


Beef and Dairy Beef Steers - 840-RFID Tags (all should have participated in the Beef tag-in day held in February)

Commercial and Market Heifers and Dairy Feeder - 840-RFID Tags (all should have participated in the Beef tag-in day held in February)

Beef, Registered Heifers - 840-RFID Tag and Tattoo matching registration papers

Diary Cattle - 840-RFID Tag and animal's registered name and registration number (or dam's registration number if applicable)


Dairy Goat Registered Females - Breed Registry Tattoo

Dairy Goat Wethers - 5-digit County Tag or Tattoo

Meat Goat - Boer Registered Femails - Breed Registry Tattoo

Meat Goat Does (Whether Dams) - Official Scrapie ID Tag or Tattoo or registration tattoo

Meat Goat Wethers - Official Scrapie ID Tag or Tattoo

Pygmy Goats, Registered - Breed Registry Tattoo or Microchip that matches registration papers

Pygmy Goats, Unregistered - Official Scrapie ID Tag or Tattoo


Registered Ewes - ID that matches registration papers

Commercial (Cross) Ewes - Official Scrapie ID Tag or Tattoo

Market Lambs - Official Scrapie ID Tag or Tattoo


All swine must have an 840-RFID tag and ear notches listed in 4honline. Swine are no longer required to have RFID tags to show in the Monroe County 4-H Virtual Fair. 

For 2020 only, swine are not required to receive the H1N1 vaccine. 

Horse and Pony

2 colored photos (face and all 4 feet) submitted in 4honline

For 2020 only, horses and ponies do not need to submit proof of vaccination, but are still highly recommended to receive vaccines for the health of the animal. 

Any animal under a lease must still submit their lease paperwork to Horse and Pony club leaders. 


Entries must be emailed to Jessica Underwood by June 1st 

Poultry, Pigeon, Dog, Cat, Pet Pals

No identification requirement by June 1st. Stay tuned for entry information soon!

Dogs and Cats

For 2020 only, dogs and cats do not need to submit proof of vaccination, but are still highly recommended to receive vaccines for the health of the animal. 


Indiana State Fair 4-H Animal Identification and Vaccine Requirements 

If you are planning to exhibit at the Indiana State Fair, animal identification requirements are more involved. Please use the qualtrics link to let us know what tags you need and how many DNA envelopes are needed. You can use this chart to know the different animal species and the respective form of identification that is required for a 4-H member to be eligible to show in the 4-H livestock shows at the 2020 Indiana State Fair. State Fair identification is due in by July 1st. (Please note, that if you plan to show an animal both in Monroe County and at the Indiana State Fair, the animal must be identified by June 1st for eligibility at the county fair.)

Cats, Dogs, and Horses and Ponies that will be exhibited at the Indiana State Fair must submit their vaccine paperwork. 


YQCA and Animal Ethics Modules

For any 4-H member planning to show ONLY at the Monroe County Fair...

Either YQCA or the Indiana 4-H Online Animal Ethics Modules will be accepted training for 4-H youth to exhibit livestock projects for the 2020 Monroe County Fair. Youth that have already completed YQCA have met this requirement and do not need to complete the Animal Ethics Modules. Youth who have not completed any training this year should take advantage of the free Online Animal Ethics Modules. To complete the training members should: 

  1. Visit and scroll down to find the links to four different Online Animal Ethics Modules.
  2. Click and complete each online module. The beginning of the module will ask for your name, email and county. If you are watching with multiple members, you can list all of their names together. 
  3. Once you have completed all of the online modules, complete this online survey: Each 4-H member must complete the survey even if they watched the videos together. 

For any 4-H member planning to show at the Indiana State Fair...

YQCA is still a requirement for all exhibitors at the Indiana State Fair 4-H shows. YQCA is offering a discount through May for the online training and in-person training will be held once Purdue Extension is able to host in-person events again. There are two ways to complete this training: 

  1. You can complete the training online. Visit: and use your log-in information to sign in. Click on the online training module that matches the members age. 
    • Coupons are available for purchase. The original sale was extended through May. Find details in this document.
    • The online training can be completed after April, but the cost will return to $12. 
  2. Once Purdue Extension is able to return to face-to-face events, Monroe County will hold at least one in-person YQCA training. That training will cost $3.00. More than one training may be held depending on the number of youth still needing to attend the training.

Thanks to the National Pork Board, Monroe County 4-H was provided with 5 coupons for the cost of the online training. If you are in need of financial assistance to complete this training, please contact Cindi to request one of the coupon at The coupons will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

You must complete the online modules and the survey to get credit and be eligible for 4-H exhibition at the Monroe County Fair. 



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