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4-H Sewing for Fun

March 5, 2020

SUPERINTENDENTS: Syndi Swoape 812-825-4802

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

BEGINNING:    Grades 3 – 5                INTERMEDIATE: Grades 6 – 8                         ADVANCED:    Grade 9 - 12

Select one or more categories to construct one item (garment, costume, accessory, or decoration, etc.) and exhibit within your appropriate grade division. Categories are as follows:

CATEGORY A: Sewing for Me - Construct an item for yourself.

CATEGORY B: Sewing for Others - Construct an item for a friend, relative, or pet.

CATEGORY C: Sewing within a Theme (changes each year). 2020 Theme “Green is my Super Power.” Construct an item that carries out your interpretation of the theme.



  1. Sewing for Fun members are encouraged to construct and exhibit in more than one category. However, entries will be limited to one entry per category from each Sewing for Fun 4-H project manual.
  2. To complete the Sewing for Fun 4-H project, member MUST construct and exhibit one item in at least one category within their appropriate grade division.
  3. The item(s) must have been constructed by the member since the previous county fair and have never been judged as part of any other 4-H project.
  4. The item(s) must be primarily hand or machine sewn, but technique should be appropriate for the item. Techniques, such as decorative needlework, or gluing will not be judged as part of the item’s construction. This is a sewing project, not a craft project.
  5. Items which best fit within a craft category should be entered there and will not be eligible for Sewing for Fun project completion or exhibit. Items which would also be suitable for completing the 4-H clothing construction projects would be entered there, but will not be eliminated from Sewing for Fun; however, rule four will apply.
  6. Your project will be judged for construction and creativity within your category and division. Besides exhibiting your items in the 4-H Building, you may also participate in the special public revue of your creation(s). Sewing for Fun Revue (at fashion revue) will be optional and not judged.

No State Fair entry

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