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Miami County 4-H Non-Livestock Projects

June 12, 2019
Miami County 4-H

Need a record sheet or a recipe card at the last minute? You are in luck! Remember:  Always check the 4-H Handbook for the most current and up-to-date project information. You can also go to the Indiana 4-H website for state project record sheets, scorecards, exhibit requirements and helpful videos.  You can find the state 4-H page at  Click on the links in the Related Files section to download the file you need.  

*indicates State Fair Project


Animal Posters:  Cat*, Dog*, Poultry*, Rabbit* & Any Other Animal

Aquatic Science

Arts & Crafts*

Bake with a Mix



Cake Decorating*

Cupcake Decorating

Chicken Barbecue*

Child Development*





Consumer Clothing*

Crops: Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat

Dairy Foods




Foods - Baked & Preserved*





Gift Wrap


Home Environment*




People in my World


Plant Science*

Recycled Articles


Scrapbooking:  Digitally Designed

Seasonal Decorations

Sewing - Non-Wearable & Wearable*

Sewing - Fashion Revue*

Shooting Sports Education*

Small Engines*

Soil & Water Science*

Sport Fishing*



Tractor Operators' Contests: Ag Tractor, Lawn & Garden Tractor, Zero-Turn Radius*

Tractor Safety Education*

Verbal Communications*: Interactive Demonstration, Demonstration, Informative 4-H Presentation, Professional Persuasive Presentation, Public Speaking, Illustrated Talk (Poultry & Rabbit)

Veterinary Science*

Weather & Climate Science*












Related Files

Aerospace Record Sheet Animal Poster Record Sheet Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Fish Record Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Equipment and Supplies Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Food and Feeding Practices Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Losses Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Breeding Records Aquatic Science Record Sheet: Problems Arts & Crafts Record Sheet Arts & Crafts: 4-H Crafts Information Card Bake with a Mix Record Sheet Beekeeping Record Sheet: Division I Beekeeping Record Sheet: Division II Beekeeping Record Sheet: Advanced Bicycle Record Sheet Cake Decorating Record Sheet Cake Decorating Exhibit Skills Sheet Chicken Barbecue Record Sheet Child Development Level A Record Sheet Child Development Level B Record Sheet Child Development Level C Record Sheet Child Development Level D Record Sheet Child Development Activity Plan Card Clogging Record Sheet Clowning Record Sheet Collectors Record Collections Question Sheet My Collection Story Collections Record Sheet Computer Record Sheet Consumer Clothing Record Sheet Consumer Clothing Questionnaire Crops Record Sheet Crops Card Dairy Foods Record Sheet Electric Record Sheet: Division I Electric: Division I "What Have I Done and Learned" Electric: Division I Circuit Board Template Electric Record Sheet: Division II Electric: Division II "What Have I Done and Learned" Electric: Division II Shakelight Kit Instructions Electric Record Sheet: Division III Electric Record Sheet: Division IV Electric Record Sheet: Advanced Entomology: Insect Mounting Entomology: Project Pin Placement Entomology: Insect Anatomy Entomology: Insect Metamorphosis Entomology: Insect Mouthparts Entomology: Insect Leg & Wing Entomology: Insect Collection Box ID (Grades 9-12) Entomology: Order Labels Entomology: Specimen Labels Entomology: Insect Card Points Entomology: Insect Flash Cards Entomology Record Sheet Floriculture Record Sheet: Level A Floriculture Record Sheet: Level B Floriculture Plant Record: Level B Floriculture Record Sheet: Level C Floriculture Record Sheet: Level D Floriculture Plant Record: Level D Foods Record Sheet: Level A Year 1 Foods Record Sheet: Level A Year 2 Foods Record Sheet: Level B Year 1 Foods Record Sheet: Level B Year 2 Foods Record Sheet: Level C Year 1 Foods Record Sheet: Level C Year 2 Foods Record Sheet: Level C Year 3 Foods Record Sheet: Level D Year 1 Foods Record Sheet: Level D Year 2 Foods Record Sheet: Level D Year 3 Foods: State Fair Recipe Card Forestry Record Sheet: Level 1 Forestry Record Sheet: Level 2 Forestry Record Sheet: Level 3 Genealogy Record Sheet Geology Record Sheet: Level 1 Geology Record Sheet: Level 2 Geology Record Sheet: Level 3 Gift Wrap Record Sheet Health Record Sheet Home Environment Exhibit Card Home Environment Record Sheet Lego Record Sheet Microwave Record Sheet: Level A Microwave Record Sheet: Level B Microwave Record Sheet: Level C Microwave Record Sheet: Level D Models Record Sheet People in My World Record Sheet Photography Record Sheet Plant Science Record Sheet: Division I Plant Science Record Sheet: Division II Recycled Articles Record Sheet Scrapbook Record Sheet Scrapbook-Digitally Designed Record Sheet Seasonal Decorations Record Sheet Sewing Skills Card: Grades 3-4 Sewing Skills Card: Grade 5 Sewing Skills Card: Grade 6 Sewing Skills Card: Grade 7 Sewing Skills Card: Grades 8-12 Sewing Record Sheet: Grade 3 Sewing Record Sheet: Grade 4 Sewing Record Sheet: Grade 5 Sewing Record Sheet: Grade 6 Sewing Record Sheet: Grade 7 Sewing Record Sheet: Grades 8-9 Sewing Record Sheet: Grades 10-12 Sewing: Fashion Revue Questionnaire Shooting Sports Record Sheet Small Engines Record Sheet Soil & Water Science Record Sheet Sportfishing Record Sheet Sports Record Sheet Strawberry Record Sheet Tractor Maintenance Record Sheet Veterinary Science Record Sheet Weather & Climate Science Record Sheet Wildlife Record Sheet Woodworking Record Sheet Woodworking Skills Sheet Cupcake Skills Card

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