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Cool-season Vegetables and Warm-season Vegetables: When to Plant?

April 6, 2020
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Plant cool-season vegetables like spinach and carrots in March-April and/or August-September in central Indiana. However, wait until the risk of frost is over in May before planting warm-season vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.


Cool-season vegetables grow best in cool weather. They are often planted in spring to mature before the hot weather or in late summer to mature in the cooler fall weather. Planting often occurs in March-April and/or August-September. Cool-season vegetables tolerate frost and are classified as either Very Hardy or Hardy.

Very Hardy



Warm-season vegetables grow best in warm weather. Warm-season vegetables do NOT tolerate frost and are classified as either Tender or Warm-loving. Tender vegetables usually have one planting to last all season (exceptions are bush snap beans & sweet corn with multiple plantings). Plant tender vegetables when danger of frost is past. Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May) is often used as a guideline in central Indiana on when to begin planting. Warm-loving vegetables usually have one planting to last all season (an exception is lima beans with multiple plantings). Plant warm-loving plants 1-2 weeks after tender vegetables are planted.




For specific planting times of vegetables, consult Purdue Extension publication HO-186, Indiana Vegetable Planting Calendar: For Marion County (Indianapolis), use column “Area C” (page 3) for spring planting dates and column “Area G” (page 4) for late summer/fall planting dates.


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