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Community Economics & Leadership Program (CELP)

February 22, 2019
Community Economics

Community Economics and Leadership Program (CELP)

Community Economics & Leadership Program (CELP) is a four-month intensive leadership and capacity building program that enhances leaders’ ability to understand the economics of their community and develop human-centered design skills to maximize their leadership strengths. This program is an investment in mindset change that creates meaningful perspectives, develops resilience and cultivates improved understanding of the ongoing community context to solve problems and make good decisions.

Why is the Program Needed?

Who Should Attend?

What You Will Learn and Practice:

Program Collaborators:


Individuals need not be well-rounded. Teams should be!


Anticipate at least two webinars and a field trip.

Contact: George Okantey, MPA, CPLP®

317-275-9263 or


Early Bird Registration, CLOSED

General Admission is $300 REGISTER HERE:

Registration Deadline March 7, 2019, at 5 pm. 


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