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Mini 4-H

March 3, 2020
Landon and Amanda



As a Mini 4-H Parent, you should:

 For exhibit recommendations, check mini project manuals.



Mini 4-H is a program designed to encourage positive development of children, Kindergarten through second grade.  The goal of Mini 4-H is to help young children explore friendships outside the family; explore the way in which things work, and think about the ways people work together on projects.

The NON-COMPETITIVE learning environment for Mini 4-H includes:


Projects are not judged, but instead discussed with child.


Safety Policy for Mini 4-H Members:


Mini 4-H members must sign up online when enrolling in Mini 4-H for livestock they wish to show. Failure to do so will result in Mini 4-H members not being able to show. This is for safety reasons. No youth under kindergarten grade will be allowed to show!


Mini 4-H Projects include:


Mini 4-H Livestock Projects (Beef, Dairy, Dairy Goats,  Meat Goats, Poultry and Pigeons, Rabbits, Sheep, Swine)




Mini 4-H Beef


Mini Cats & Small Pets


Mini 4-H Dairy


Mini 4-H Dogs


Mini 4-H Goats


Mini 4-H Poultry



Mini 4-H Rabbits


Mini 4-H Sheep

exhibit options.

special Mini 4-H sheep class at the beginning of the sheep show.  Lambs will be provided for Mini 4-H members to use, who do not own lambs, but wish to participate in the Mini 4-H lamb class.

The objective of the Mini 4-H sheep show is to enable the Mini 4-H member to learn how to show a lamb.


Mini 4-H Swine


Mini 4-H Indoor Projects


Mini 4-H Bicycle

Bicycle riding is the outdoor activity most popular with children. Learn about choosing a bike, bicycle maintenance, traffic rules, hazards of the road, safety and helmets.


Mini 4-H Bowling

     Bowling is a fun sport to be involved in for anyone. Learn rules of the sport, techniques and cooperation with other mini 4-H members (See rules on page 57).


Mini 4-H Collections

      Everyone loves to collect things.  Collecting is as easy as finding a group of your favorite rocks, to putting together a group of pencils.  Learn more about collecting and why people collect things.


Mini 4-H Crafts

 Let's be creative and make a neat craft.  Use your imagination as you design your craft.  Crafts can be used for decorations and they make great gifts too.


Mini 4-H Dinosaurs

 Dinosaurs no longer walk on the Earth, but they are still very popular.  Learn about fossils, different kinds of dinosaurs, where dinosaurs lived, and how they may have become extinct.


Mini 4-H Farm Animals

   There are all kinds of farm animals.  Explore the world of farm animals, from the little ones...like rabbits and poultry, to the big ones...like cows and sheep.


Mini 4-H Fashion Revue

Do you like to pick out special outfits to wear?  Put together an outfit and model it in our 4-H Fashion Revue show.


Mini 4-H Foods

     Everyone can have fun in the kitchen.  Learn about measuring, nutrition, making easy recipes and kitchen safety.


Mini 4-H Forestry

 Trees are all around us. They grow big and strong for all to enjoy.  Learn about trees, the wood they make and the animals that live in trees.


Mini 4-H Gardening

Learn how plants grow.  Plant seeds or small and watch them grow and make vegetables or flowers.


Mini Health & Safety

    All kids must develop the lifelong habits necessary to become healthy, successful adults. Health and safety skills are important in our daily lives. As a part of this project, you will get to explore fitness, first aid, and safety rules. 

Mini 4-H My Pet & Me

     Do you enjoy animals?  If an animal has four legs, crawls, flies, swims, or hops, you can bet someone has one for a pet.  Caring for animals can be fun.  In this project, you get to share your pet with pictures, drawings, and stories in a notebook you put together.  Let us read about your special pet!


Mini 4-H Models

Models are a great way to build things!  Learn about models and different ways of making them.


Mini 4-H Plants & Flowers

Learn about plants and their special needs.  Do great experiments with plants.  You will also learn about different kinds of flowers.


Mini 4-H Reading

Reading is a fun and important part of life. Learn more about books, libraries, and parts of a story.


Mini 4-H Sewing

Learn the basic skills needed for sewing.  Begin putting together the equipment needed for doing easy home sewing and repair work.  A SEWING MACHINE IS NOT NEEDED FOR THIS PROJECT.


Mini 4-H Sun, Stars & Space

Who doesn't like to learn about the sun, the planets, and space?  Learn more about the planets in our solar system, the sun, constellations, and exploring space. 


Mini 4-H Whales & Dolphins

Whales and dolphins are fun to learn about.  They

explore our oceans...so let's explore them!  Learn about popular types of whales and dolphins, the parts of the whale, whale songs, and more.


Mini 4-H Wildlife Adventure

Do you ever wonder about the animals that live in the woods and open areas around your home or city?  The world of wildlife beckons you!  Learn about wild animals and birds that live around you.


NOTE:  All Mini Projects must be picked up at the fair during Project Pick up times!

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