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Dearborn County 4-H Robotics After-school program gets kids excited about learning through hands-on activities. Critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills developed right along with social life skills such as cooperation, collaboration, perseverance, respect for different work styles, patience, and turning frustration into a positive force.
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The 2016 Dearborn County 4-H Handbook, 2016 4-H program master schedule, Dog, Cat, and Horse Vaccination forms, Shooting Sports Manual, record sheets, Junior Leader Manual, 4-H manual order form for leaders, Honor Club requirements, TEAM 4-H, activities, Fashion Revue Form and much much more will be found here.
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Miss Dearborn County Pageant rules and responsibilities and entry form.
You will find the answers to the activities on the back of the Sacks of Snacks fliers here.
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Purdue Extension Annual Report 2015

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