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A new website from Purdue University's Center for Commercial Agriculture and the Indiana Soybean Alliance is available to help farm operators manage risk.
The Purdue Crop Performance Program has issued its 2015 corn and soybean bulletin, a resource to help Indiana farmers select the most effective hybrids for their specific growing conditions
Tim Galema stands in his West Lafayette greenhouse, bathed in the glow of
Tim Galema, a West Lafayette greenhouse owner, is part of a Purdue research study examining the use of LEDs. The lights use less power, produce less heat, and have the potential to give his business a competitive advantage.
Hellbender and Mudpuppy
One of the main problems facing eastern hellbender conservation is that many people mistake this endangered salamander for another common species called a mudpuppy. This new video explains how to tell the differences between the two and what to do if you see an eastern hellbender.
Experts from the Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture will lead a webinar Dec. 8 to help farmers determine how to balance the costs of long-term cash rents with declining operating revenue.
Cassens Christmas Trees
The debate over rather the use of a real tree or an artificial tree is better for the environment continues, especially as the Holiday season nears. Purdue FNR Professor of Wood Products Dan Cassens weighs the pros and cons of each.
PMU Tree
Your real tree, once cut, is like fresh fruit in regards to its useful life expectancy. Purdue FNR Professor of Wood Products Dan Cassen goes over the care needed to preserve your Christmas tree and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

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